Suggestions to recreate apps



Hey, guys! You know how Hopscotchers recreate awesome games (such as @t1_hopscotch's amazing 2048)? Well, this post will be dedicated to ideas for those!

You can tell an app to make in Hopscotch, suggest how some mechanics of the games can be made in Hopscotch code, tell people if you made one, etc. It will help if you add a link to the app in the App Store.

I'll start!

Mr. Square by Daniel Moreira
This cute-sy game would be great in Hopscotch! It will be difficult, but I think some will rise to the challenge!

What games do you want?

I think this topic is a great idea!@CreativeCoder . Do you have any suggestions for a game that is on the App Store that would not be too difficult as well as being very minimalist?


Thanks @AHappyCoder! I haven't tried it yet, but from the preview pictures is seems simple:

Neon Zone Free - a tilt and turn puzzle by House on Fire


Thanks! @CreativeCoder. I won't make that game but is has given me an idea! And you will get credit!


Well sort of!...we could collab on this instead?


Sure, if you want! Reply as a linked topic so this doesn't get too crowded.. I'd need to try out the game some more to understand it better.

A Happy coder and Creative Coder collab

Yeah it's quite difficult!


I have made a topic about this already.


Excuse me @Hoppertoscotch, but I checked your profile and you made a topic asking for help recreating ONE APP. This topic is so people can give inspiration to others by suggesting apps, helping others with code for those, etc.

I apologize if I seem a bit rude, I get riled up sometimes


@CreativeCoder but look at my post on that topic I made. It's fine that you are being rude since you are apologizing. Just look at my recent post on the topic.


I made some sort of dolphin show game, it's called fishgame. The sad thing is that it isn't difficult enough:disappointed::disappointed:, so it's kinda boring.


I have this game called "Train Runner", and I think it would be just as addicting on hopscotch then it is in real life!!!


Maybe "flying penguin" or something. It might be difficult though.