Suggestions to improve hopscotch


On hopscotch, I think they should show you how many followers you have. Also, I think that hopscotch could offer more game tutorials.


Interesting ideas! The first idea is really convenient, I think. But I also think that it might make people focus more on popularity than on coding on Hopscotch. So I don´t really know if I think that THT should implement a follower counter. But I agree with the second idea a lot! It would be super helpful :slight_smile:


Like William04GamerA said, albeit being convenient, I don’t think the first is a very good idea.
People really could focus (and potentially brag about) popularity.
But the second one is great!
New users should have tutorials to get started on code. A lot of them used to be free, back in 2016, though.


You have been making many topics about lots of things. That’s great but a general topic for all your ideas could be better. Anyway, the follow count idea would be great! I wonder how many followers I have.


Actually, making a single topic for many suggestions about hopscotch would make it harder to find. A single topic for each, or simply giving a like to an old topic about the same subject would be a much better way to suggest things for hopscotch.


A follower count would be great. There are lots of game tutorials already, if you want them, you can get the subscription.


They actually still have the old ones on YouTube.

Fearless found some from like 2015 too I think.
And i thought that they used to be free before the subscription became a thing…?


Yeah, they were. Some of them are still free, but others became subscription ones.



I think there are only like 5 free vid tutorials now


Yeah 6 are free and then there’s three free lessons.
And then there’s 27 subscription ones, plus one free one on making games with photos which is useless unless you have the subscription lol.


I am surprised that nobody has taken any consideration into showing how many followers you have.


I have seen a lot of projects on them, but they are mostly old ones, from over 85-100 weeks


People have, but then it usually gets knocked down into a “tie” because there’s the whole popularity thing and people would brag and stuff and feelings would get hurt and that’s not the point of the app + THT doesn’t want that, I don’t think


I never really thought about that but that’s true. Hopscotch isn’t about popularity.



It’s about learning to code and having fun.
And plus, it’s a kids app and if you introduce kids to that stuff it’s prob not great for them and it’d probabaly end up discouraging them from coding – like, if a kid had 10 followers and they could see that someone else had like 300 (or if someone said “oh look at me I have like 300 followers” and the kid saw that or something) the kid would think that they’re really bad and probably wouldn’t wanna try it again.


The side effects of having a follower count is what many people who support it don’t know


It’s easy enough to find out if you know three numbers.

I’ve been telling people their follower count if they ask nicely, but i need to be logged into them.


Wait, what???


Isn’t there a way you can do that if you go into the metadata files through a sqlite viewer?

The metadata file doesn’t work for me though


Yes, but that may Ben outdadted, I haven’t checked.

There are three files, only one works.

If I log into an account I can check its followers.