Suggestions for update


Can people have backgrounds imstead of having plain white, people can make their own charecter, and make their own blocks?


@QueenBeeE, that would be very cool, but it can be very hard to make the blocks editor because Hopscotch is on IPad's and it is very hardto make.


I agree with your first point because a white background could be improved. But I don't think being able to make your own character is quite a good idea because some people might make something inappropriate. If there were a filter or something that would be neat. Being able to make your own blocks would also be cool, but it would be confusing and hard to design. It might make it hard for beginning Hopscotchers to understand. I really like your ideas though!


Herro senpai((finally got a acc here))


Hello mr sempai u draw too good <3


Maybe but I'm too lazy


Hey @QueenBeeE! It's Awsome Johnson!


You're so popular and I'm surprised that you liked some of my projects before!


I think your pretty cool! And I think everyone is famous in there own way! But thanks anyway!