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Hey all! It’s Reffy here, and I’m going to share some suggestions for the app that I’ve come up with.

  1. The White screen of death

Recently, a lot of users have been experiencing a loading bug nicknamed the white screen of death. I think the update has something to do with this new bug, and it’s causing a lot of trouble for some who are trying to code entries for the summer comp.

  1. Sign up complications

While trying to sign up a friend for HS, it’s unbelievably difficult to sign up on a mobile devices. Either you’re a teacher or a parent, and I’d like the sign up process to be a little easier.

  1. Code Lag

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. Coded a project that has no bugs but is extremely laggy, or playing someone else’s project and having problems.

  1. Announcements Next To Featured

I’d like it if Announcements were next to featured, because I like to check those easily. Maybe I’m just lazy, but I think it would be a lot easier if we could have the featured tab and the announcement tab closer.

Thanks for reading my suggestions, and be sure to put yours below!

ä̤ r̤̈ë̤f̤̈f̤̈ÿ̤ ẗ̤ö̤p̤̈ï̤c̤̈


I think the white screen was fixed but maybe not


Been happening to me recently after I updated

Like updated two days ago

Only started happening then .-.

Very inconvenient


TBH I like to check newest more than the other tabs.

So I’d go with this idea.

(Newest has everything including new announcements)


I guess the white screen of death is fixed, and good idea for the others.


Good ideas! I think they will improve the app.

If the white screen bug hasn´t been fixed already, I´d love to have it fixed :slight_smile:


I think you mean removed, not added.

White screen of de.ath, sign up complications, and code lag should be removed.


Yes, thank you for the correction!


A note.

Only one of you points is actionable.

If you are speaking about bugs – for each bug you need to create a bug report topic, with the detailed explanation and steps to reproduce. If a similar topic has already been created, put all your info on that report and include the link to it into your suggestions.

Sign in complications. Why? Give us more details about what exactly is difficult about having just a parent and a teacher sign.


Well, I wasn’t aware that buying a subscription was now mandatory. I didn’t see an option to skip the subscription, either. Perhaps I just didn’t see it?


This is probably from the collision blocks that the HS app provides. Even very inefficient collision detection code creates a lot of lag, as you can see in the entire history of my Terraria projects.

The one the app provides calculates for size, image size, and many other things behind the scenes. They probably have some distance checking code, which helps with the lag until the 2 become much closer.

On another note, YAY I’m back!

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The white screen is actually fixed!

You made some great points!

Nope. Still happens for me occasionally

But yeah good points

  1. yup it’s annoying but a fix might not be possible
  2. it’s not thaaat bad but a simpler way might be nice
  3. I don’t really know if they’d be able to fix that tbh
  4. yeah. I’ve suggested a reorganization of the categories to Ana. That’s a good idea n I’ll bring it up again.

Good points tho, even tho some aren’t really actionable


In your suggestion, is newest beside featured?

Or something better?


Something better


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