Suggestions for Reigns Game :D


So, another thing you know if you've read my general topic lol

I'm making a game like the game "Reigns". If you don't know it, this topic might not be for you, but idk. You can watch a playthrough or play it, but it's not 100% appropriate so do so at your own risk.

Basically, you're a king and you make choices that impact your kingdom positively or negatively, and you try to rule as long as possible.

However, in the game, it's a Hopscotch kingdom! The choices are going to be related to Hopscotch or the forum.

I'd like some suggestions for choices.

Glitches: Hey, if you let me infiltrate some of your projects, I'll give you some rewards...
Options: Accept or Deny
Accept: Increase wealth, decrease people
Deny: Increase soldiers

That was a bad example, but I think you get the point. Ask someone that was in the conversation in my general topic (like @Caramel_Puffin) if not. Thanks!


Bananas! @Maltese beat me


Reigns, you mean that game where you make a descion and you try to stay alive and keep ur kingdom safe? Well now with images that's not gonna take as hard as shape arting the whole game ;/


I'm hand drawing all the situations, so although it's not as hard coding it, it still takes effort.


Kewl idea! C:
I saw teh jumpyduckz ending
Okay I'm thinking of possible choices now

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ





I've seen it everywhere but haven't actually played it! This is so cool!
Sorry for my random outburst but I know this will be awesome XD :D

Later, could I potentially help? I'm not as knowledgeable on the game as someone who's actually played it XD but I have a pretty good idea as to what this is! I've played a bajillion games like this though XD :D


So a suggestion is that you have different hopscotchers as different characters in the game :D
That might be too hard so maybe just make like a dog for the characters


@Bananadog lol it's ok. And yeah, sure! :D

@Razor I'm probably going to do forumers that have distinct "characters", like @Bananadog's bananadog


For choices:

"I'll like your kingdom 8 times for 2 follows."
"I challenge your best hopscotcher to a contest! For 100 follows!!"

Follows could be like gold
Likes can be like resources
Feautured could be a new weapon or something
Game changers indicate your years of reign left so like ur health bar pretty much expect for ur kingdom.


Ok lol



You guys want to be some characters in the game? I might add more but these are people that came to mind.


I would love to be in it! :D

Thanks for tagging me, that really means a lot. ;u; :D


I would be honored! :,0

Thank you so much for tagging me I feel included :DD


System: I could create chaos in the Drawing Kingdom, if you'd like ;)
Accept: Decrease wealth, make fighting (if you get the chance) the Drawing Kingdom easier
Deny: Decrease military
System disappears into the darkness, chuckling…


Could be in? Just add a green pea with eyes and your done :D
Sunglassss suggested


I'll try to, I want to add some base characters, code, then add more peeps :D


Ok good luck! I don't have the images thing and I get really confused at the code for these types of games so I can't really help ;(


Maybe you could unlock characters as you go in your reign?

I don't play this game, so...¯_(ツ)_/¯



And I'm sure Qusid would also love to be in. You know, so he can find other qusids since your amazing project will be featured.


Well most characters try to end your life.. Soooo