Suggestions for improving Hopscotch

First, username blocks.
Second, being able to use words in variables.
Third, a Timer, and when ((timer) > (???)) blocks.

Wow great list @oio! More sounds would be great but I think we should just be mindful that we had no sounds at all only a few months ago!

So I think the amount of sounds we have is amazing already considering we used to have no sound at all :smile:

I do agree it would be useful to have clones that are independent of each other, because an object’s rules apply to all its clones too (expect for When the play button is tapped and When the character is cloned)

So when the object bumps something, the rule applies to all its clones too. But Hopscotch says they’d like to and are planning to add “self.” variables which makes coding for independent clones easier too :smiley:

A lot of those ideas have come for me too and other Hopscotchers so just keep them coming! The Hopscotch Team will never be out of ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Add a few sounds like:
Thunder, the crackle of lightning, and maybe an elephant.

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Yes that’s nice, we can use it for maybe, when you need contact with that person.

I think (6) should be created! Especially a background maker for movies…

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I recommend Khanacademy or Codecademy. :smile:

  • When iPad is swiped
  • Any new blocks
  • New characters
  • Images with image filters

iPad is swiped would be really nice in my nPad X project.


Everybody is talking about how much they want photos and sounds. All I want is a way to keep my drafts organized. Maybe a way to search through them. I also think that the projects you branched should be in a separate tab, so it won’t clog up all your drafts.


SQUISHY, I actually agree with this.

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Yeah that would be useful :smiley: I’ve suggested folders to the Hopscotch Team which would be great for organising drafts :smile:


I was thinking how about having a way that a certain amount of people can work on a project together at the same time without having to publish it all the time. And while they are making the project together it would be nice if they could have the ability to text and discuss ideas and who will do what. Once the project is made they all publish it and underneath the project it says made by and all their Hopscotch names.


More basic tool stuff:

  • It would be handy to have a tangent function in the trig tool set.

  • Inverse trig functions would be helpful for coordinate-based angle measurement and character rotation setting. (i’m not really liking the way my doodlebug swarm decides how to turn in a recent project).

  • A “mod(x,y)” or “x mod y” would be helpful, as would an “abs(x)”.

  • I dont know if it makes any difference functionally, but sometimes I want to reorder the appearance of rules associated with a character. Can we do that now? If not, I wanna do that sometimes.

  • A simple “background” color setting that doesn’t get changed to white when we issue a “clear” command.

  • A loop structure that lets me do something with each clone, similar to, but in addition to the “when xx is cloned” currently in place. “Loop for each clone of xx, yy times (or forever, etc.)”


I keep thinking of random things…

  • I would like for that palette / panel thingy on the left to get out of the way, when I am trying to read and edit my longer blobs of code on the right. They’re generally wider than the screen space as it is, so it feels like looking at them through a hole, iykwim. That panel sits there, making the hole that much smaller.
  • If not the above, then it would be nice to be able to pinch-down the size of code text so it can fit on the screen. I don’t need it to be as large as it is now, but I sure do want to be able to see a whole line of code, even if there are longer formula blocks in it.
  • Boolean ops And / Or / Not / etc. in when blocks would be handy, though we can construct them now. It’s just messy.

We need a when section for inside the repeat areas

I think you should be able to add a ability in one project and if you tap save to all it appears in all the projects you make

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Amen to that suggestion.

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@oio thanks For agreeing

You can always email us, @Work_kids_coding!!! :sunglasses:

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@Rodrigo Some nice design suggestions from @oio!!


@Ian what do you think of my ideas