Suggestions for improving Hopscotch

There is a When ___ bumps/is touching “Anything” if that’s what you’re talking about “colliding with anything”:

And there are ways of doing “Repeat Until” or While loops and I made a project about it. Here’s the link to the project on Repeat Until.

The way by me though (the second way) might crash your iPad when you are looking at the code unfortunately though it used to work fine :confused:


I meant bump color like this.


@Fishyguitars oh okay I did see that post too. I thought you might have meant When __ bumps “Anything”. Sorry for the mix-up :grin::sweat_smile:


@HoppingBanana, what if some one takes a picture of something bad, same with the comments Idea, but I think seeing how many followers isn’t a bad idea


Wow, very interesting the concept of backpack. Doesn’t the “Remix” feature solve this?


Remix does solve it, but the thing is say you want to use one piece of code from a game. You have to remix it and then you have to delete everything manually from the game except that code. And then repeat this process for EVERY time you want to use that code. And what if you want to use that code multiple times in one project? You would have to rewrite it on your own. The backpack is basically a more advanced copy/paste.

Btw, @Huggingfluffybear, love the idea :smiley:


Thanks got it from scratch programming MIT


Hey I was thinking that to but right now you can also do stuff like that like in a project you can say bad words. But I think you can report but idk.


I think on someone’s profile page, there should be a green dot next to their name(or profile picture) if they are on Hopscotch at that moment.


I’m annoyed right now because people are on a remixing spree on my projects. Could we add a button that only allows a couple remixes.

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Absolutely. Now I get it. Yeah, once you can backpack code, then people can use your more specific pieces of code: gravity, bouncing a ball, explosions simulations, backgrounds, etc. right? Quite interesting!


How or why is this helpful? I mean, you can’t actually talk to people.


Kind of like being able to take abilities
from a project and then using them
In your own. It would be helpful when
your a partner with someone and they
need a specific part of code.


(◕‿◕✿) yeah. That’s right


Can I email the hopscotch team about this with that photo?


@AHappyCoder this idea is amazing! I can relate to problems how I wanted the invisibility percent to be increased. But now I can do it with the fading feature. Love it though!


Yeah too much photos to patrol…


If your making a club you could see when the club leader is online so u can make an activity part of it.

  1. A resettable timer (as opposed to, e.g., a counter) and the ability to trigger events, based upon timer values (“when Timer1…”) would make some things easier for me.

  2. The ability for (e.g. “when”) events monitored by one character to change attributes belonging to another character would keep me from having to use made-up variables as global flags to send signals between them.

  3. One of the most powerful improvements would be if clones were truly independent of one another. It’s a little bit complicated for me to explain, but as far as I can get anything to work, clones are only sorta-kinda independent of each other. For example, when it comes to collisions, I don’t seem to have a way to detect and independently handle one clone bumping into another. Dunno. Maybe i’m doing something wrong…

  4. Tones that are frequencies and durations, allowing much greater range than the silly notes we now have. If not that, at least a much richer sound palette.

  5. The ability to get rid of or rename unused or re-purposed variables.

  6. Some way to copy “abilities” from one project to another project.

  7. Finally, why not make it so that I can “duplicate” project, so I can spawn a new project based off of an existing one. Right now, the only way I can do that is to upload or “publish” a project for a few seconds, download it, rename it, download again, rename again, then unpublish the uploaded original. Kinda messy.

Okay, that’s probably too much, but it’s a few ideas that keep coming up, again and again, when I try to do stuff.


I think for sounds like the music notes there should be a thing like:

Start sound() hold note for()mill. wait()mill.