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Here we should put all the things we what Hopscotch to include.

Ideas for the next update
Help Make Hopscotch Better!
Post your Hopscotch designs/concepts here!
Ideas for the Hopscotch System
Hopscotch needs to introduce 3D graphics and creating out own characters
I wish there was an update
What Improvments Should Hopscotch Make?
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Need more sounds

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To be able to get Hopscotch on Android devices.


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A destroy clone block:
A change character to block:
Change character to_____
A change invisibility by:
Change invisibility by____
All would be great to have!
And all your ideas are amazing!


Video on how to put value in color spot


Make abiltys count when's like when play button is tapped


Hi @PickleDpickle, there is a video about putting a value in a colour spot, it is shown in the "how to make flower" video

Your starting point and history on the forum!

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This HAS to be in.


Well first I would want the and,or, and not. I think that would be awesome! Second I would want like some sound stuff such as change sound and set sound so like sound control. And third thing is a backpack so you can put other parts of code to it and save it so you can use it and your code! Another this is comets so you could give feedback. Oh and last of least. MULTIPLAYER CLOUD DATA!!!!!!!!!!!Knso you could do multiplayer games. Oh one more lists or arrays. Please right back is you like these


An or block (for writing a ton of rules)


If you were able to import photos and music from iTunes.


We need to be able to take pictures!!! We also should see who is following us in a full list. I also want to be able to comment on projects. Like on YouTube, when you can disable or enable comments.

Pictures in Hopscotch

Maybe HQ could make a special part of Hopscotch where we could learn the basics of stuff like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.:grinning:


It would be great being able to learn other programming languages but Hopscotch is its own unique programming language :smiley: and the app is made for us to learn the Hopscotch programming language.

I guess there are other sites as well if you would like to learn those programming languages though, you could do a search online!


I like the idea AwesomeGal1b!


I recently published a project of a long list of my ideas.

A few more:


Brightness (from iPad)
Shakiness (from iPad)