Suggestions for improving Hopscotch - coin system



Maybe they should make s thing where you can have a thing on your profile that tells you how many hearts you have in total in all project then we should use hearts as hopscotch coin and we can get new characters with them:)

Suggestions for improving Hopscotch
Suggestions for improving Hopscotch
Subscription Ideas--what do you think?

Great idea Madlipsgirl! What else could you buy with coins? Would you buy new blocks? What about stuff to customize your profile with?


I love that idea!!:wink:


Maybe people could sell different abilities that you could use in your own projects. :smiley:


But how will we earn coins?


Great idea! The number hearts we have are the number of coins we have


Maybe they can add a "Give" button. So if people like the project good enough and press it, they get some coins. Basically, it's like the :heart: system.


Coins do kind of sound cool, maybe you could buy extra characters.


If that were the case, then each time you use a coin, the number of hearts drop? That would be horrible!


That would be good BUT its okay if your like magmaPOP but like me and loads of other good hopscotchers that never get noticed it isnt really fair! Ps im trying not to sound rude!


Hopscotch is a very great coding app. Its all about coding and learning from each other. This idea is awesome, though! But, getting likes is not the whole idea of Hopscotch. Yeah, well only a few hopscotchers beg for likes on their projects which is not really acceptable; you just gotta earn your likes. So, anyways, a coin system would be great. Hmm,... Maybe instead of coins, we can name them Hopscotch Tokens? Maybe if you save them, you can be able to buy some character avatars or maybe decorate the original characters. You can also spend them on maybe coding video tricks? I also thought about Hopscotch badges/achievements like getting 10 likes on a project. So, everyone is great at coding, we are just at different levels of coding. People shouldn't really judge how others code.


I like the idea of buying new avatars and stuff like that, but not really the block idea. Because what if you really want ti make something, but the block you need cost so much It would take a long time to get that much money.


I also have an idea. What if you not only have an avatar but also a profile backround that you can desighn. Kind of like the profile pic we have on the forum but instead you get to design it and you can buy some extra stuff to make it look cooler!


Well, sometimes we think that there should be new blocks, but there may be a secret hack to creating that block using different codes. We gotta try first to try creating that new block using our old blocks and blocks that Hopscotch created us. @TheAquamarineWolf, your ideas are great, though!


So kind of like abilities?


I very much agree with what @Berrymelon and @Lavendercupcake are saying, that the focus of Hopscotch is to have fun coding and not just getting likes. So getting likes to get coins or tokens isn't really fair on people who try their best but aren't noticed by others. It's a really interesting idea though!


Totally, @t1_hopscotch @Berrymelon @Lavendercupcake! Coins shouldn't and don't need to be linked to Likes exclusively.

Maybe you could earn coins from completing challenges or trying out new blocks you haven't used before. And we could hide coins throughout the app to encourage you to explore different people and projects. Say, you could get some coins by following a certain number of people.

Hopscotch doesn't really have a reward system right now. We think this is one of the best parts of Hopscotch—you're free to create whatever! But on the other hand you lose a reward system, which can be satisfying and motivating. Think about CandyCrush. Even those satisfying "SWEET" and "JUICY" sound effects represent a reward system and encourage you to keep playing.

Heads up, because I'm about to get really deep and psychological. This convo gets at the idea of "gamification". Gamification is a way of making activities more motivating, so you are more likely to use them. It's basically a reward system that makes you want to continue using a thing.

Gamification is a useful thing to know about, since it's being used in more and more things, from education to advertising. It's basically a psychological trick that designers use to get you to keep playing (and spending money). It's good to be aware of when a service or advertisement is manipulating your brain. (Though that's not always a bad thing!)

So anyways, do you think that you'd be motivated to create new things if we had some sort of gamification? Do you think more people would play Hopscotch? Just thinking out loud at this point :smile:


I Would not start paying for things but I would prefer this way, it could mean we get more people on hopscotch and it would be nice to have more hopscotches as more people will get into more coding and get to explore new ways to play.


I agree with you a lot @Ian, rewards systems can really encourage people :smiley:

Like I really like the badges system that we have on the forum and I love those ideas as well, like completing challenges, trying out new blocks and following people. Publishing your first project or a number of projects could be another one. Or checking out other people's projects and playing through other peoke's projects could be another.

This is a very interesting idea, and it's true, it doesn't have to be linked with likes and it can still be very great :smile:


Perhaps you could get coins from getting badges. For example: "like 100 projecst-20 coins" Or other simple stuff like remixing or getting 3 people to like your project(oh I already published this before viewing @t1_hopscotch's post)