Suggestions for image related purchases

It would be nice to have a way to identify what projects are custom art projects from a glance. For example, an image icon on a project thumbnail within drafts.

Having image projects seed cost pay on publish of project or refunded on draft deletion would also be nice, i’ve lost 100-200 seeds from accidentally deleting image projects without realizing it.

I would also love if there was an option to pay a one-time price for unlimited image projects with no seed cost, like how the old subscription worked.


What are y’all’s thoughts on this? Here’s a poll too for things you’d like to see.

  • Image project identifiers
  • Refund seeds/Pay on publish
  • One time purchase for infinite image projects

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The reason you always have to pay to add custom art in projects is because you get 4 more seeds per day than the legacy subscription, plus 200 seeds monthly.

I have the legacy annual subscription, and I’m kind of glad I was able to.


I am aware of this. I wouldn’t be making this post if I wasn’t. I honestly don’t care about seeds, I’d rather just have custom images instead.


Or maybe a “image subscription” bought with seeds for non subscribers?


That’d be great! It would be an excellent alternative
as long as it isn’t an absurd price of course


Yeah just reasonable.


Say 300 seeds / year


300 seeds is only like 15 dollars, no? i would imagine that hopscotch would price it more similarly to what it costs previously


it’d be about 22 dollars, 50 seeds is about 3, so I would think it’d be about 36 dollars or 440 seeds because that means to get good value you’d have to make about 1 project a month (though maybe it should be more because a lot of people publish more often)


While 50 seeds is 3 dollars, 200 seeds is 10 dollars. So at it’s cheapest form, 300 seeds would be 15 dollars


Awesome suggestions, as always :))

The refunding/pay on publish feature especially caught my eye. I can imagine how it feels to lose 200 some seeds to a project that never got published. I think paying on publish would be easier to implement, but I could be wrong.


honestly i think it would be nice in general for offline projects being able to use advanced mode blocks without paying, but if you wanted to publish you had to subscribe


that would be excellent for users who wanted to try out the features without buying a subscription.


Clarification: This would be nice, however only if a one time purchase was infeasible, just to clear up what I’m advocating for.

That’s a pretty reasonable price I’d think, as you’d only be getting the images with none of the other benefits.

Another thing that’s related to these same suggestions: I discovered today that if you own an Image project on one device, you have to pay a second time on another device to add images. any images that are still there save, but it still socks if you have to work from multiple devices.

@Yuanyuan, what are your thoughts on a one time/subscription purchase for images? More details in the topic post

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