Suggestions for Hopscotch


This page is for giving suggestions for Hopscotch.
I already have a few suggestions in mind, @Liza, @Meg

. A lot of people are leaving Hopscotch because of less popularity.
So I think that, on your account you should start liking projects and giving shoutouts to the Hopscotchers who are less popular than others. This way those Hopscotchers will have more encouragement to take their coding to a higher level!

.A lot of people are also leaving Hopscotch because they are not allowed to get the update.
So I think we should return to the new update and that the people on the iPhone should turn their phones horizontally to get to hopscotch. This way they can view it the same way as the people on iPads.

. On the forum I am not sure their should be an amount of days the Hopscotcher should have to be on the forum to be a regular or a leader... Hopscotcher start out with a big ambition to become a leader or a regular but as the time goes on they get discouraged and leave the forum.
So instead you should look at the quality in the Hopscotcher, whether they help out Hopscotch, follow the rules, etc.

. In the next update can you include a Microphone so we can record our voices?
Wanted to make a game where when this object bumps this object a certain sound comes that is not in the sounds block.

.In the report button I think you should add a category called copying my projects.
I found someone who copied and pasted all my words, my Hopscotch oscar awards, my bubble background and claimed it as theirs! I reported it under mean but I think their should be a separate category for this type of thing.

. Can you add more octaves of notes in the sound block?
When I try to make music the music sounds awkward because I have the wrong octaves.

P.S I know Hopscotchers have already done a page like this but I emailed THT about these suggestion and they said to post a page to get an immediate response... So thats what I did.

😎😎😎 official Hopscotch update ideas topic 😎😎😎

Hopscotch isn't about popularity! :D

This is to be sure they know how everything works and have experience. :D

That's personal info and innapropriate things could be said. :grimacing:

I think the general "Report Project" works. :D


Thanks for the feedback!
I know Hopscotch isn't about popularity but some people think it is... I heard a lot of people quitting because of that.... It couldn't hurt to give a few likes to those who need it.


That's what they do with good projects, especially for new people! :D

I agree, so everyone has the same editor!

That's what they do with leader rank already!

I totally agree with this! There has been a TON of plagiarism on a ton of projects! Every time I look in my remixes, I see at least one project that says, "by [username]". It's pretty mean, and I agree that there should be a plagiarism button!

This would be AMAZING! :D


Thanks, Rawrbear for the feedback!


Yeah, no problem! Just know that I agree with you on most points, pretty much 85%! :D