Suggestions for Hopscotch projects

@XAMANION and @AstrosUwU here! We have some new, cool ideas for hopscotch!

Astro’s idea

Naming objects is super hard! So what if there was a easier way… like a tab inside the object?

This would make naming objects easier, plus make it easier to find the object your want, especially if there’s a bunch of text objects instead of shapes and such


Some projects work well in older versions, but not in newer ones. (Ex. Twisty Arrow by XAMANION STUDIOS)
So what if the games had a tab where they could change the version
That way projects that work well in an old version could be converted back to that version even after updates. Then they would work right

These are just example versions

Sorry that the photo shopping is a bit messy but I was in a hurry
@Leaders, @Ana whatcha think?


I’m not sure how to start a new thread. I have a few ideas. So I post here.

It would be cool if there was a way to publish games as your own stand alone app. that might make it easier to get it out there to people who don’t have hopscotch. It’s a suggestion. Maybe it could be done for a price like a few dollars.

I wish there was a way too add your own music to games. I get it’s censored for kids, maybe there is an 18 or older option. even though this is for kids, this is the only coding application for iPhone, and it’s really good! I don’t totally get why it’s directed at kids only and specifically not at adults. I think it could be good for anyone. Also as an aside, the ‘coding kids’ idea is a bit strange, I mean any kind of coding for kids at age 4 or 5 could be a bit overwhelming. But yeah i got really into making computer games at age 15 so kids can defiantly do it, …i’m just saying i saw a billboard at the mall for “kids learning to code!” and it was showing literal five year olds. If i was five and someone was teaching me to code that might even be a bit traumatic, i mean there is more basic stuff to be learning first, like feeling emotions and having friends. Anyway I wish there could be different age options for this.

I’m also wanting to share games i’ve made, but i’m not really sure the best way to announce or share them with people in a larger setting other then my one real life friend who might care. So I will announce it here for now. Maybe we could start a discussion tab just for sharing games, maybe a tab for each genera or something. An idea.

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Your idea has been suggested, and we want it


I agree with both these ideas! Great concepts and very well illustrated.

By the way, leaders only work on the forum. It is up to THT to decide on new features and develop the app :wink:

@AwesomeOnion can probably tell you what THT thinks about your ideas. Also, make sure to check out the Hopscotch Roadmap if you want to know about what THT is working on!



I like that better. What app did you use?


Same ideas for the re naming I guess!


A little wonder called notability


Cool. I use PicMonkey

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