Suggestion: set layer



This is a suggestion for Hopscotch.

I think it'd be cool to have a block to set layer, so we don't have to deal with bring to front all the time.


I think they have something like that in Scratch

This is a good idea! :smiley:


ME too. I haven't used Scratch in a while.


Also known as Z position. I totally agree!


Yeah, that is a really good idea! The bring to front- and send to back blocks works, but set layer would be much easier and better. And it would work with values, that would be really cool!


we need z coorid so bad and a 3d game set up where everything's slanted so it gives it the 3d effect with the z co


You can do that now using bring to front and send to back. They change the z.


Not just a send to back tho