Suggestion: reset project block



I just got an idea that maybe useful. Ever press the restart button in the corner saying to yourself "this doesn't feel like resetting the actual thing." So, that is why people make their own restart buttons that sadly can cause a BIG code. Well, what if you could just put this block in:

This block would just make everything restart like you pressed the restart button in the top right hand corner.


this would be cool, but why would you need it for @Hoppertoscotch?


@Phase_Studios well, the restart button that is already there is gray, and maybe you want it to be like a big set of emojis. This would make it easier to make just that! (I am making a project with a restart button in it and it would be easier if this was a block instead of having to make heaps of code for one button.)


Agree! We should have that block!


How useful do you think this would be?

  • Yes!
  • Meh