Suggestion: Multiple Trending Tabs



A lot of people are complaining about trending being filled with art. One solution for this would be have multiple trending tabs.
The example below has trending for projects published in #games, #art, #wip, #websites, and #movies. Projects not published to these tabs simply would not be trending.

(No, those projects aren’t trending movies. They’re featured. Why would I get actual movies projects when this would be done much faster?)

Reply with your suggestions for something similar.


did you tweak a photo or is this actually happening?

this is a format I’d like to see, tho.


okay, nevermind.

ignore inspector nachy’s tiny fishtake.


It would be much better if we could have custom hashtags. Then we could search for those hashtags in the searchbar


I think it would work just as well with just #games #art and #wip


Good idea, but currently not all projects in the categories are themed to the category.


I really like this idea! Hopefully Hopscotch is able to add this feature soon


I have thought about this idea before a lot and I’ve also mentioned it, but this idea is better I think. Your interface suggestion is better. I thought about adding a lot of separate categories, but that would probably clog up the category selection menu a bit.

I also thought about #trending-drawing and #trending-coded (or something similar), but more categories is a really clever idea.

But, I make a lot of Trail Art and I think that we should have one category for drawings and one category for coded art in order to make this possible.


It is an interesting proposition. This idea can also decrease the arguments around the trending algorithm if the projects are sorted…


Yes! We’ve needed something like this for a long time!! This should definitely happen…


One trending tab that you filter to be those things I think


No, it should be forced to make you pick a category.


What if your project doesn’t fit into any of the categories?

Like rps, chatting, etc.


Random category, duh.