Suggestion for Wikis



I was thinking about all of the great collabs, groups, etc. who might benefit from being able to pick certain people to be able to edit a wiki. I'm not quite sure if this feature is available yet, but if not, that would be cool. :wink:
Oh, and post any other ideas on wikis or things of that nature below, if you'd like!


That idea seems cool!


I understand what you are saying, but the way that you say it is disrespectful. Please do not do this to me or anyone else.


I'm really sorry. I didn't say that.
I like your idea.


Yeah, this is a cool idea! It would be really useful, maybe you could suggest it to Discource, the people who update this forum?


then who said it?

I like this idea!


Oh... I'm sorry. Your apology is accepted.