Suggestion for playing a game



You should play the newest version of my game, Shoop Da Whoop!


Welcome to the forums! @DrOctogonapus
Maybe check out the topic called community guide lines!-

Maybe post the link to your game!


It is a project on Hopscotch.


Hi, @DrOctogonapus! Welcome to the forum! :tada:

Here, check out the community Guidlines! They are very helpful to new users, and are the key to an awesome forum!

You're game is awesome! Maybe you could provide the link to it, so the community can enjoy it more quickly!


BTW, my hopscotch name is Dr Octogonapus.


You can post links to the forum too!
By clicking the link button next to your project, like this :)

Then paste it into your comment!


Click this link:


And please open it in the app!


You should change your forum name from smishsmash to Crazy_cake since you did it with your Hopscotch name.


You can't. It could mess up the notifications and/or cause bad lag.


No, I can't ;-;
It will break the system sadly, if could, I would :)