Suggestion for Hopscotch


I know there are a thousand topics about this, but this one is for one suggestion. :D

The suggestion is...

Make a last seen thing on Hopscotch! :D

You know how there is a last seen on the forum? :D I think you guys should do the same with Hopscotch! :D
It could make it just now whenever the Hopscotcher: Follows someone, Unfollows someone, Plays someone's project. :D

Do you think this is a good idea?

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😎😎😎 official Hopscotch update ideas topic 😎😎😎

Bumping this up.




A computer version adn a record button.


Uh...This is just for the one thing I suggested. :D


sorry I could not read it. I am playing a video game.


Oh, okay. :D

When you get off, please read the topic. :D


Great idea! It would be cool!


Great idea! Since this is only one suggestion, there is no need to create a new topic! Maybe recycle or have someone close it? Do nt clog the forums!

@ all other leaders


Maybe you can have an option to turn it off, if for some reason you don't want people to know when you were last seen!
Who thinks this would be a good idea?

  • yes
  • no