Suggestion: Clear clones block



They should add a Clear Clones block. With this block, we want control these clones too! (Like Grow The Clone/s by, flip clones…)

Clear Clones


That is a really good idea! I also think that you should be able to clear individial clones, random clones or a specific amount of randomly-picked clones. But this wouldn´t be too impossible right now, because you could just use a “Set invisibility to 100 percent”-block. However, clearing clones will probably increase the stability.


Yes, we can set invisiblity to 100 but when we did it the normal object is being invisible too. I need ONLY clear clones. Thanks for the reply!


Setting invisibility to just clones is possible.


How we can do it???


That’s a great idea!
You can give an individual clone a command using ‘Clone index’,I think.


If you only want to see the original object,
Write this:

when game starts
Set invisibility(0)
Create a clone of this object
(Whatever code you want here)
When object is cloned
Set invisibility to(100)
(Whatever code you want here)


Ignore the set position block.

Hope this helped!


There are two ways. Both of these can be used for more than setting invisibility.

If you want a clone to disappear when tapped, you can use this:

This method can be used in many different cases:

Here, you need to tell which clone you want to be invisible. In this case, only the clone with Clone Index = 2 will be invisible.
You can make all clones invisible by replacing Clone Index = 2
with Clone Index > 1


COAN explained it well. If you don’t know what ‘clone index’ is,it’s a number that is given to each clone on the screen. If you make one clone,It’s clone index would be 2.(Since the original one is 1)


No, the original object has Clone index = 1


Oops. Let me correct that.
(Wait,that means you count from 0 in Hopscotch as well?)


The object you drag out on the stage in the editor is the original object. So it gets Clone Index = 1.
The first clone you make gets Clone Index = 2


Ahh… Clone Index is quite useful,I might use it in my games sometime.


Not sure if anyone’s said this yet but also from all of my tests atleast, clones have no major affect on FPS so a clear clones button wouldn’t be a necessity since setting them invisible is an option.


But clones do affect FPS.


From all of my tests they have had little to no affect on the FPS, if you would like to check out my game that shows the clones count and the fps count message me and I’ll send it to you to see for yourself.


Use of clones does not always affect fps, but they can significantly affect fps. It depends on what code the clones are executing as well as what hardware (i.e., what type of device) the user has.

This is important to understand if you want to make projects run well for the largest portion of the community possible. For example, I have documented a project that runs at 8 FPS on one (not very old) device and 60 FPS on another.

While not usually absolutely necessary, being able to “clear” clones would make it easier to make high-performance projects for a larger percentage of the community. That said, I doubt THT would implement this as I believe it’s a feature that only more advanced users would really appreciate and use effectively.


I get where you’re coming from, I guess I didn’t run my FPS tests on clones when they’d actually be performing a task, thanks.


I know I’m a bit late to join, but you could use the new ‘Delete Clone’ block. (Go to AwesomeE’s HS account to get it.)