Suggestion: Adding an update so when the project is published, It’ll be quickly scanned to make sure it’s appropriate


Hopscotch is a wonderful place to code and meet new friends and people. But Hopscotch can also be dangerous. One time, I (CapKeldeo) found a project that was SCAMMING a Roblox player for their account. I found other bad projects that were inappropriate like things having to do with “bootys” . I think Hopscotch should make an update so that when the projects are published, they will be quickly scanned to make sure it’s appropriate and will release to the world after. This is my opinion. What’s yours?


I feel that any words that are detected on a project should be blurred out, or simply just replaced with another text,

e.g. You are a piece of fart


But then again, the censorship system will be ridiculous, where words like “(insert random curse word here)” would be blurred out or removed. :unamused:


This sounds like a great idea! The text in the projects could be quickly scanned by a bot, and blurred out or removed. Or they could be replaced with different words in the context (like if someone were to say "you’re so ~insert bad word here~ awesome! It could be replaced with a better appropriate word. I don’t know, it’s just an idea. It probably wouldn’t work) but I think that’s a good idea considering they also have it for the forum already - @expresso (the creator, not the bot)


I imagine turning the simple ‘blur’ effect into something comedic, (e.g. you are so (insert funny word here) annoying!


First! (sorry) I think that sounds like a good idea, as long as it’s scanned by a bot and not a human (pending posts already take forever to go through on the forum, and I guarantee you this post won’t go through for a couple of hours.) The bots could scan through the text in the project to make sure everything I see appropriate. Just a note, it’s spelled boot.ies sorry I’m just obsessed with grammar…


There is a kind of scan right now, called the “filter”. Here are more details about it:

Although, it could be improved to be more efficient like you mentioned. THT could for example use an external service which is continuously developed and might have more words and varieties in the filter as the filer only is a small part of the Hopscotch App. Here is an example of and API that they could try out:
API is a service that you can send texts and/or data to, and in this case, it would scan the text for any bad words and then return a result.


While Icloke the idea, I think it would be hard to implement and find a way to do this properly. People already aren’t too big a fan of the hold time when you start an account in the forum, so I can’t imagine people would like it on HS.


The filter already exists