Suggestion: Add Handlepoint?

Hello People! I had an idea. What if you could specify the “handlepoint” of a object. For say, the spot the rest of the object would rotate around, and where it would collide with the edge of the screen, and that would be the point that centers instead of the center of a object when using a set position block.

Anybody remember CreationsofANoobs Pumpkin Smash? Bears arm and the axe were a great example of this. I think this would be a great feature as you could create many useful things like, well, arms! Without needing to code 20 variables. What do you people think?


Awesome idea! I think that this could be really handy sometimes.


This would be pretty useful! I have a few projects I’ve been working on for a while where I had to create my own version of this.


It would be amazing to see something like this, but you can currently do it with sin and cos

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Yeah, I thought of that, but couldn’t figure it out. This would still be nice to have

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This sounds like a great idea!

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