Subscription Question?

1.) I redownloaded Hopscotch and I found an old project that I wanted to publish. The problem is that I used to have the subscription and was planning on publishing the project (with photos inside) , but canceled my subscription once I decided to delete Hopscotch for school reasons.
2.) Now HS won’t let me publish my project that I created a while ago because I’m no longer a subscriber. I worked on the project today as well as a year ago.
3.) should I technically be able to publish my project or not?


Well, it seems like THT has restricted this, sadly. I saw another topic about a similar thing a while ago. You could always email them and get a response from a team member, though.


Hi @Snoopy There’s no restriction in the app for creating drafts with images. So even if you had a subscription, one isn’t/wasn’t necessary to create the draft project. The restriction, where a subscription is needed, is only for publishing.

So to publish your project you’ll need another subscription. If the option is still available for you, you could get a trial subscription so you can publish the project. And then cancel the trial if you decide not to continue on with it.



Dunno what dis means

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uh i haven’t been on HS in a hot second so idk how subscriptions work/if there is one, but i’m pretty sure I was just asking if I could still publish old projects with images if my subscription to images ran out


I’m not sure? I currently have the sub but I haven’t stopped using it so who knows


oh cool! so the subscription is still a thing haha, thanks for letting me know :)


You could when you made the topic but you can’t now.