Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


@lollypopcorn I second your idea! Great idea!


Yep. I counted once :joy:


@lollypopcorn I would subscribe if I could learn something from Hopscotch premium that is not in my school system.


Here’s another idea: What if subscribers had a (digital) Hopscotch sticker board, and they earned stickers by achieving things like getting a specific number of followers/likes, getting featured/trending/rising/game changers, publishing a specific number of original projects (not remixes), etc.
And maybe you could have an option to show your sticker board on your profile :DDD
I think this would be very encouraging and make people want to subscribe (^-^)


Thank you!! :DDDDDD


Wow, I would lose patience after counting fifty of them XD


I was, as is a common occurrence, much bored.


I like that idea too. You come up with so many good ideas. How about we give the Hopscotch Team something that they can add to Hopscotch Premium that we don’t learn from our school system…


Hmm, I might.

This isn’t really a huge feature, but what if Hopscotch added support for gifs? There can be new blocks: Play Gif and Stop Gif.

Gifs In Hopscotch! (Could it work? How could it be implemented?)

Thank you!!! (^-^)

That would be cool ;D


That would be really cool!! I’m sure people would subscribe for that :DDD


Omg that would be cool


Maybe, I’m not really sure.


Well do you think the ideas listed would be worth it? :D




Me too!! And awesome! :DDD


I would, tho probably only for a month because I really don’t use hopscotch that much.


i would be so pised if they added these things for subscribers. some of them i don’t like like the change scene one. but others are things they should add for evryone




Well I think they should be subscription only, this way the Hopscotch Team can get more subscribers :DDD