Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


I totally agree, I probably gonna have nightmares about it






Yep. Where’d you find it?


Maybe, but a lot of those things should probably be available without subscribing.




I don’t think so. I think what should be available without subscribing is only what you need to use Hopscotch. And none of the things I listed are absolutely needed ;D


Well, I think we should be able to draw trails over shapes. If we had to subscribe for it, it wouldn’t be worth it, but it’s a pet peeve of mine.


So true, @KVJ. So true.


Okay, maybe that one should be free. But the rest should be subscribers only because the Hopscotch Team needs more subscribers (^-^)


Yea, definetly.


Another idea for the Hopscotch Team would be to make folders for sorting both drafts and your published projects. And maybe make it so five project folders are free and five draft folders are free, and you’ll get many more of each if you subscribe :D


What would be the point of a folder?


Well basically you would be able to create folders and name them and then choose published projects/drafts to go in them so they’ll be easier to find later. (No more endless scrolling) :DDD


hi I’m randomly going to put some input

I don’t code much anymore on Hopscotch, so take this with a grain of salt, but I really don’t think anything could justify its price. I get that the team put thought into what the price should be, but eight bucks a month is way too much. Sure, they can add some more stuff like updating projects. But I honestly don’t know what they can add that makes the price worth it.

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Cool idea.
Personally, i would much prefer a search system within your own profile. I have published at least 1800 projects so… yeah :joy:


Both Hopscotch and the forum cost them a lot of money. Which is why the subscription is eight dollars a month. They need that money to live and keep it running ;)


I know. That’s why I said that I understand why they chose that price. I just personally think it’s going to be hard for them to get more subs at that rate.


I’ve given them that idea before, I think they considered it :DDD
You published over a thousand projects?! XD


Yeah, it might be. But I don’t think they can lower it, because they need that money (especially if they add some of these ideas) :000