Subscription Ideas--what do you think?




Well there woul be seperate wallets for each account so you couldn’t cheat.


This isn’t a good idea because then the stuff on the loading screen would have to load…


the money system is an intresting idea. i personaly thingk it wouldent work well. remember hopschotch is not a game. it’s a coding languege. whaty they could do is have a curency function in projects that can transfer over to other projects made by the same person.


I like the idea of a save progress block but it won’t be fair for non-subscribers


I think he meant you could buy the currency from the Hopscotch Team with real money. Although I still don’t really like that idea :o


@HopedHoper Yeah it would! Hopscotch would probably have to pay more money to make this feature come about.


Like everyone would want it but people who are like me and can’t get it will be annoyed because we love coding but our limit is our money


@HopedHoper Why haven’t your parents gotten premium yet?


Well, being able to save your progress isn’t needed to code in Hopscotch, therefore I see no problems with making it subscribers only. Just my opinion though ;)


I think the Hopscotch Team should add more sounds, and some new ones could be free and some new ones could be subscribers only :D



Would you subscribe if these were the subscription features?
(Some of them already are, and I did not come up with all of these)

  • Ability to upload Images
  • All video tutorials available
  • Ability to update projects after they’ve been published
  • New sounds available
  • Ability to change your profile picture to anything you want (As long as it’s appropriate)
  • Change Scene block available
  • Repeat Until block available
  • Ability to share code between your projects
  • New Text Fonts available
  • New shapes available
  • New characters available (Or maybe just the ones we already have but in costumes!)
  • Ability to create your own characters in Hopscotch
  • Coding Journey available (only if they bring it back)
  • Ability to upload images to use as backgrounds on your profile
  • Ability to write an “about me” on your profile
  • Ability to save your progress in projects and view the projects you currently have saved from your profile
  • New block that is able to draw trails over shapes, images, text, and characters


because I am a fridge.


Uhh, okay… Your loss fridge XD


I won’t subscribe. Sorry.




I’m a fridge ( ̄ー ̄)


That’s okay ^-^

And @KVJ that’s creepy XD


Ok that’s just creepy. But yea, I think being able to update published projects is a great idea! That would probably help a lot of people want to subscribe


No i am.
@lollypopcorn it is, right