Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


I liked the nice big keyboard input and I liked being able to drag blocks from the side instead of reaching the bottom of the iPad. Maybe you could make it so that when an iPad is in landscape mode, you get the blocks to the side of you. It would be cool if the blocks were on one side of the screen and the abilities were on the other…

Also, I love the name Sam, I named my computer Sam because I really like my computer. If I could get Hopscotch on my computer, that would be amazing. I don’t care how much it would cost me to buy it from the App Store! I would buy it! I love Hopscotch, and I want to help out. But, I’m just an average middle school kid who has to convince his parents to make a seven dollar purchase for a year. Well, that’s probably exaggerated…


Minecraft isn’t really a coding language and Roblox certainly isn’t either


@HopscotchRemixer Actually, Minecraft modding is a code language… ROBLOX users create games with scripting…


Ok I have the idea to end all ideas!
Hopscotch Currency, ok I think this is a good idea but it should be implemented well. How about Likes earn you currency,getting on trending, featured, rising, etc. gets you currency. With the currency, you can buy new characters, objects, code blocks, and maybe even a subscription (although it would be very hard to get) @awesomeonion @Liza, here is where the money making part comes in. You can sell this “Hopscotch Currency” for real money. So think of it almost as DLC, for Hopscotch. You get more content if you can pay for it.
@OMTL @TheCoders


Well only the modding part of it. Vanilla the only coding that is involved is code blocks. Roblox, the majority of users play games,not make them. So on both of these game platforms, the majority of it is not coding, and by a long shot.


But that wouldn’t be fair for not so popular users.


what if people were able to make it so that the user can save their progress in a project. Like, a save progress block that is only available to subscribers.

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@HopscotchRemixer Sophia is correct, that would not be fair for not so popular users.


Or maybe you would earn a certain amount after a certain period of time of being active, like post a project every month for 4 months and earn 40 HC(Hopscotch Currency)


@HopscotchRemixer How about people with a subscription can earn a little amount of this currency each day, And people are able to buy more currency to buy backgrounds and custom rules from Hopscotchers who sell them for a certain price? That way, people are motivated to code, and Hopscotch earns money.

@sophia71205 find two grammar mistakes


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No period after that.
And no comma after the direct address, and a capital letter after that.


@sophia71205 Wow, good job. I thought that might be a little harder but you nailed it.


@sophia71205 oh, thanks… sort of missed that…


The way of coding.


That’s what I’ve been saying.

Well, I prefer it on the bottom, especially in landscape mode. So this wouldn’t really increase the value of the subscription for me at least.

I don’t see this as being very well liked. It also seems kind of redundant prize wise, because characters and objects cloud be added using images. Only one person would need to unlock them. And most people prefer code blocks to be free. And the purpose of the subscription is to cost money, with this people could get it for free.

Read my previous point, as that explains why this is a bad idea. Or, I wouldn’t like it, at least.

Once again, they’d only need to be bought once. And custom rules don’t need to be bought at all.


I found a problem with this idea. What if Hopscotchers made a bunch of different accounts to get likes and then earn currency? :0


I think it would be cool if there was a rule block called “When project is loading” for subscribers only that let you put in code that runs while your project is loading. This way you won’t have to code a separate loading screen for code that has to run before the project can be played (^-^)

What do you think of this idea? :DDD

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That’s a good idea.


I don’t really think that’s a good idea… Especially not the “sell for real money” part. Who should give you that money? THT?

There is actually already a topic asking about this, and the discussions there are quite interesting:


That would make it really cheesy, like those games that only exist to rake in money. It doesn’t sound like what THT is going for and it definitely isn’t like Hopscotch as I know it.