Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


Maybe make an ability to see how many times people remixed your project, liked your project, and followed you on their profile.


@awesomeonion I am familiar with the coding language Python, and it has a really cool command called input. Basically, you can use it for gathering inputs via the keyboard from the user and then store it in a variable. For example, you could make a game where you could choose your name, generators and lots of cool stuff. But you might have to add text variables that can store text if you would add that, but it would be really cool to have in Hopscotch beside my other suggestions for subscribers and for people without the subscription too, maybe.


I second @William04GamerA’s idea. I think it is amazing and I want to have that too.


Most kids need to convince their parents to get them Hopscotch Premium. The problem is, my parents, and probably a lot of other parents feel like we can learn just as much from the free version of Hopscotch as with the subscription. Sure, there are a few tutorials that you need a subscription to learn from. The thing is, we can learn those elsewhere just by doing schoolwork and then applying them to Hopscotch. Add something to Hopscotch that we can’t learn from just doing our schoolwork and I am sure that the number of subscribers will JUMP up! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Yes, I think that this will work for me!
  • Yeah! My parents think the same thing!
  • Sure, I understand where your coming from.
  • This idea is good in theory
  • I don’t think this will work
  • I am already subscribed to Hopscotch
  • This idea is good, we just don’t have the money regardless…
  • This idea is terrible! Also, we just don’t have the money for Hopscotch…

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Oh, those. Let me tell you a phew things about each of these programs that makes more people pay for them.

Here is why people pay for Minecraft,

Everything on Minecraft is a one-time purchase. Minecraft is a one-time purchase, as well as everything in Minecraft. If you make it so that you can buy each feature of the Hopscotch subscription, Then people might do that, or buy the subscription because it seems a better price.

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Ok, Roblox has an interesting set up for this… Actually, to understand how Roblox makes money, you will have to understand how it works. Roblox has a unique gaming system that is somewhat like Hopscotch. On Roblox, games are made by users, for users. The motivation to do this is that they have the ability to earn something called Rubux, with Robux, they are able to do stuff like, buy stuff to make their game better, or to play other games. Roblox earns money by letting people either buy robux from them, or by purchasing a Builders Club subscription which is somewhat like the Hopscotch subscription, they buy it to make better games, to customize their character, and to earn Robux daily. The way to make Hopscotch more like Roblox is to add a currency that people can earn by making games where people can buy certain features of the game with the currency provided, People buy some of the currency with real money, or by purchasing a Hopscotch subscription to earn some of the currency each day.

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I don’t think people would like that. I wouldn’t.


the thing thats difren with poython is that it’s on pc. evry coding languege has inputs. i havent coded python in a while but i think the code for inputs was somthing like
if hi==‘hello’:
print (“how u doing?”)
print(“dat bad anwser”)
this is preaty mutch the same thing as saying “is presed, set invisabilaty 100 increse variable by 1 were the variable makes it do something while the thingsds not bresed” just for python it has to be a keyboard input cause theres not raly any other way to get an input.i aucl\tly coded the thing in python. its realy bad but it works


PartTimeFemale would like it as well as me


i don’t like the concept of pay to win games in hs. hs is about coding. maby award pepole a curency on likes and remixes on origanal projects that they can use to add photos and stuff to hs projects


i think the afects of this would be pepole either giving likes mor frequently or less and mor origanal projects. if there was a high reward for folowers there would be alot mor folow bait


@NindroidGames @MR.GAM3R @Periwinkle_Dolphin @PartTimeFemale Why don’t you like this idea?


don’t think that would work. if your talking about the old interface i can see that but t6here have been alot of major updates. if it truly sent you to the old hopschotch you couldent post ore code because the code would be outdated.


@PartTimeFemale @Periwinkle_Dolphin I am saying the old layout. Not like getting transferred to the old version.


It would take a lot of memory to have all the versions. Minecraft takes enough storage already (you can switch versions and it takes up a lot of storage)


honestly theres not much you can do with hopscotch its a beginners coding app
i mean think about it minecraft and roblox are complex in the sense that the coding languages are more advanced, unlike hopscotch with "blocks"
I am not sure about the motive of hopscotch, im pretty sure its a beginners guide
if that is so, theres not much you can do to become like those games, unless thats not your overall motive
which brings me to a possible other motive
with your “tutorials” develop a more complex code so like once youve finished the “beginners blocks” you can jump into this new text language yada yada yada idk that way you will attract more people and more people will use the app

but that is probably not the goal you are looking for


i think the main problem with pepole and moving up to “real” coding languges is having acses to a pc that they can use to code on. then again i’v heard afew stories of pepole “quiting” hopschotch because they moved up to highschool and there ipad switched to a pc.


The old Hopscotch editor isn’t coming back. It would be twice as much work for THT to maintain two different designs, and make sure everything works properly on both. It was changed for a reason, the old one is inefficient and harder to use.


Question: what about the old hopscotch do you most miss? There was a lot of good stuff there and we would like to bring in as much of it as possible into the new editor.


@awesomeonion I think she misses the layout… we all do…


The layout with the keyboard on the side?
What did you like about it? (i.e. easier to read, easier to use…)