Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


But the whole point of it is paying for the features XP


One year is a third of my total money. No way am I paying for it!


HEhe. I spent a few hundred dollars and only have 200 or so left.


On what? Ninjago city?

Also, back-on-topic, a price decrease would help ALOT. I am 100% serious here, peoples!


I wish. No, not that much. On some Star Wars sets in addition to some of the more expensive HoT sets.


I believe that we should be able to update and edit already published projects. Especially, if you accidentally make a mistake on your code!

I really hope THH is able to put this into action!


However, of you could edit published projects, they would have to make sure that only the person who published the projects would be able to edit them.


@NindroidGames What is HoT?
That’s interesting that you pay for LEGO but not Hopscotch.
Is it the association with brands like Star Wars or the physical component that most interests you?


You can build and rebuild them; use the pieces to make your own things; etcetera
I know I’m not Nindroid, but I do this too.


I think Hopscotch has an amazing setup for a typing option. Like, where the user is able to bring up their keyboard and type out the code. Then, when the user tap enter, Hopscotch will automatically turn the code into a code block. If you do that, you should defiantly add info to each block that tells the user how to type it out in code. Of course, this must be made a premium only feature.

Let’s see if people are interested

Do you think this idea would make you want to get premium?

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Good idea, but I’m not getting it unless there’s a price decrease


@Panthera I meant, would you WANT this feature?


Hm. I’ve never really thought about that. Probably the fact that it’s a physical thing, and that it just has more stuff. Right now the subscription doesn’t seem worth it to me. I can see how it’d be more worth it for people just learning how to use Hopscotch. Really, the only thbing that might make me consider it–besides something that would be better as a free part of Hopscotch is lower music notes, longer music notes, more instfruments, etc.


Maybe make the price lower or free?
Maybe templates?
Like different templates to code on such as little frame with a little screen or coloured templates?




They wouldn’t make it free. They have to support themselves and pay for jobs somehow.


Legos are different because they are a one time purchase and they are pre-made. That is basically what the free Hopscotch is. If you want to make something on Hopscotch that makes it so that the users are able to create their own shapes by connecting vertices and adding vertices, that would be cool! Of course put it with the subscription.

Let’s see if people are interested:

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My parents would pay for an amazing learning experience. We just paid $115 for an online piano program. I got Hopscotch way back in the old days and I have block code all figured out. What my parents want is a program where I can actually learn what to type and how to use/organize text code. Like, javascript, python, Swift, etc…

  • I agree
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@lollypopcorn @NindroidGames @Anonymous Why don’t you agree?


The ability to get the old hopscotch back…