Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


Wow! This would be pretty cool. I need to update one of my games.
But some haters may create a rude project, then to subscribe and remove the words they said. I think (if you create this feature) you should add a function that shows the edits.

I think to allow subscribers to see how many followers do they have would be great! We were waiting for it for about 2 years.

Also, you can create logarithm function. It will motivate people that like to use advanced maths in their projects to subscribe.


I don’t subscribe because I can make anything I want without using images, as I know how to make really a lot of things. It’s more interesting than just to use images you took or saved from the internet.
Plus, it’s expensive. If you make it a big cheaper, you’ll get more subscribers—many people who want to subscribe can’t do it because they don’t have enough money.


A lot of people think a repeat until block would be cool, and I think it’d be a great subscribers only feature (^-^)


It’s easy to code:

Repeat forever

Check once if something = 0

add some code here


At the beginning, something = 0. But then something happens, and something increases/decreases, so it doesn’t equal 0 anymore, and the code doesn’t repeat.


I think that sounds like a great idea, it would open up so many possibilities. I would totally subscribe if that was one of the features.


I have limited experience with Scratch, but I really liked that feature!


Hmm… great question :thinking:

I would really enjoy to see the cool variables feature that you are talking about, and while writing this, I got a few smaller ideas that you could add to the subscription:

  • Custom image thumbnails and scheduled project publishing would be two cool features for subscribers.

  • This has been suggested before, but the ability to code your profile picture using HS (well, you could just screenshot it, so that is not a really good idea.)

  • Maybe re-add the “remixes of my project” - counter for subscribers? Or add it for all HS users?

  • Or what if you were able to put a project (“pin it”) to the top of your profile with a small comment? It would be useful for advertising your newest game, coding club or anything else.


Yeah, and since it can be coded without the block that’s why I think it should be subscribers only ;D


I think a good subscriber (or non subscriber) feature would be a fill trail block


Lol I’m going to laugh my head of form that XD


I would think certain blocks to make a leaderboard…
You can save variables and other stuff like that


Don’t blame me for your d.eath then, please!


Here are some ideas for subscriber-exclusive features:

  • More sounds (such as different instrument sounds, like guitar and piano. More octaves for notes, and new sound effects) (However, this could be remixed by non-subscribers.)
  • Access and ability to edit project JSON files from app
  • Ability to change app icon (you have season themes, or just different background colours)
  • Dark mode for coding at night (like invert colours)
  • Save default colours (instead of using HSBs)
  • Different text styles (a few basic fonts, bold and italics)


I like the idea of being able to edit projects. There’s always that one annoying bug that I find AFTER publishing the project :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I just don’t pay for subscription-based stuff in apps.
However, if there was an option to just donate money without subscribing (even if there wasn’t any sort of reward for it), I’d definitely do that. (I do realize this sort of thing doesn’t provide a stable enough income, though.)


I see that having the same reaction as when you couldn’t remix projects with images.


I’m a cheapskate who pays for nothing.


I don’t have money


This isn’t really an idea for subscribers only(but you could certainly do this) but you can check your most popular projects and your oldest projects… without having to scroll a bunch. This would also be nice if you could see other users most popular/oldest projects. Integration with a subscription could be like only subscribed people can use this function. Also more characters and maybe fonts would be cool.


How bout I don’t have to pay for it? That be nice