Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


no。waste of money,tbh…


It’s not a waste! The subscription is amazing :DDDD
Just my opinion, but still XP


They don’t want t spend all their money :frowning:


I got it! Hopscotch should be able to play MIDIs.


1,000 year late post:
I mean but if that stuff is subscriber-only non-subscribers can access about 50% or less of the actual app. You basically wouldn’t have hopscotch unless you get the subscription. I bet that a lot of people who don’t subscribe would quit for this reason. You might as well suggest you need the subscription to have a PFP or use the copy paste functions.


That would be like your “achievements club”. Awesome idea!


Yeah, that’s how I got the idea XP and thank you!!! :DDD


Oh! Oh! I know! How about people with subscriptions are allowed to add custom sound to their projects! Then I can publish some animations I created!