Subscription Ideas--what do you think?


Hi Hopscotchers,

We are thinking about what features we could add to the Hopscotch subscription to make it more compelling to you guys.

One idea we had was to allow you to update an already published project. I know a lot of people have been asking for that and we haven’t done it due to the increased moderation costs. Is that something that would make you want to subscribe? Why or why not? Are there other features that would make the subscription worth it to you?



I would say lists, but I want that without the subscription.

I think the updating projects idea is good.

Hm. Maybe make the scenes you used in that one project be a subscriber feature.


One thing that I would love would be copy and paste functions, to copy through your own projects. It would make some things a lot easier!


Yeah, if we did lists it feels like they should be a part of the language and not something that should require a subscription.

Being able to share code between projects is something we’re thinking about, that might be a good candidate for a subscriber feature but I need to think about it more!

Another idea that has been bouncing around is to have variables that are saved between plays of a project as a subscriber feature. Any thoughts on that?


I like that. I can see several uses for that. I was once making a project which could use that in several ways. The way I was doing it limited the variables.

This post gave me an idea: the ability to add comments to your projects. I wouldn’t really mind nit having access to that.


Maybe a sort of “backpack,” like in Scratch, though only with your own projects?


How about a “save-state” when you play games it remembers your last play and saves variables wouldn’t have to pay for moderation :wink:


A price decrease


Being able to transfer some custom blocks and the new custom whens into other projects would be super cool
Also being able to sort drafts into files? I’ve got a lot of drafts and being able to sort them all would be amazing


Woah, I never thought of that, but it would be amazing.


@Petrichor and other folks who do not subscribe to Hopscotch what is the biggest barrier? Is it that you just don’t pay for software at all, or you don’t use/like Hopscotch enough to pay for it? Do you pay for any other programs (Minecraft, Roblox maybe?). If so, what makes those products more valuable to you?


It’s expensive.


The biggest barrier is there’s just not a lot of features.
The second biggest is I don’t really spend a lot of money. Really the only money I’ve spent on apps was just buying the apps.


I second that :’)


Maybe add a chat feature? If you go in the newest section everyone is ALWAYS chatting


Well, I sometimes quickly code with Tynker to test some code ideas, if I can’t be bothered using a PC.
The app “Pocket Code” for Android is free and lets users use their own pics and publish their games to a website for others to play. I think comments are allowed below a projects screen as well.
Pocket code has more types of code blocks than Tynker,Hopscotch and Scratch.
My cheap android mobile is too small and weak to use Pocket Code in any enjoyable sense.
Other than Tynker, you don’t really have any competition on IOS, as far as using Scratch type blocks to code with.

I think $3 a month subscription to let users upload their own pics would be popular. Courses that teach to code could be a separate in app purchase for users who want it.

An idea I mentioned long ago was to have advertisements play before a project starts. This could be only in the free version of Hopscotch. You have data showing the average amount of projects played per month on your servers. So you should be able to calculate how much money would be coming in if a 15 sec advert plays before a project starts. You would have to remove the ability to save projects that aren’t the users own, to ensure adverts are played each time a project starts.


They’re also annoying.


I know ads are annoying, but nothing is free. Someone always has to pay.
THT getting something is better than getting nothing.


I don’t usually pay for apps. Right now, I don’t really have a use for getting the subscription. I would only use it for the images, which I don’t currently think is worth it. I like using text + shapes.


I would say, perhaps exclusive characters, that can’t be remixed by somebody without the subscription?