Subscription idea!


I got a really cool idea for subscriptions.

Just hang around and read!!!

Ok so say your doing s collab with someone, on YOUR account you have a sub with the person your collab with does not, I feel you should be able to make a collab account and they should have a link button and you type your username and password in to that link and then you have the sub on that collab or wherever account as well.

Doesn't make scence? Ask questions!



This is a really good idea!


That is a great idea! But then everybody could just type in a username that is subscribed. Maybe every user has a code?



And I have another idea in a case someone hacks whenever you link it sends a notifcation to the person there linking to with a ignore, NO, or YES.


You need the password as well to link.


Oh, that's good! Then, me and a friend could both pay four dollars for one subscription and then I just type in my username and password in his!



And As well collabs.


Good idea, but one problem; someone could give away their subscription to a bunch of people. How about making it so that one account can be linked to one a subbed account? And accounts that are subbed because of the link don't get to link others.


That would be awesome!!!


Maybe you can only use your subscription link thing three times or something?


Er but if they did that then everyone would be subbed.

Your account needs to be subbed in order to link it to other accounts and never share hour pass

Maybe you can only share it to one person?




..... that's what I suggested.

EDIT : Oh, I see where I messed up there. I screwed up the grammar :sweat_smile:


Wait no you didn't suggest it its in the topic.:grin:


Guys this does exist in the update!


That sounds nice, but you could easily hand out your user and pass to link it and then everyone would get the subscription.


But then you would get hacked.

You see?