? Subscription = Community Devide?


With only a few hours into the subscription I already can feel the community deviding between Subscribers (People who subscribed) and freebies (people who didn't subscribe. I really don't want the community to Devide over who gas the subscription, and who doesn't! I hope I can remind everyone to try and not divide before everything's a flame war about the subscription :grimacing:


Yeah! I agree.
We should work together and not look at differences.


The entire forum is about subscriptions. I think some topics need to be merged.


I don't think so, most topics have many different conversations, even thigh the titles are kinda the same.


I didn't mean only one big topic. I meant multiple topics, just not as many.


If a topic isn't a duplicate it doesn't need to be merged or closed :wink: (Unless it's inappropriate, etc.)


If it's inappropriate, it should be closed.


And that's exactly what I said :stuck_out_tongue: I said if a topic isn't a duplicate it doesn't need to be closed, then I said unless it's innapropriate, etc.

This topic isn't a duplicate or innapropriate, therefor it doesn't need to be closed or merged.


Ok! I didn't see the part that said it should be closed, I only saw the part about merging.


Oh ok ^.^ We're good :D


Ok. xD


I agree there is a divide. It's like the popular people and the non popular people. Same level of meanness and drama. I have had a lot of experience with a divide, but at the end of the day I realized it's just a bunch of drama that shouldn't be bothered with.


Don't forget us fridges and freezers


Yeah, I agreeeeeeeeee
Great topic:)


Yeah, I noticed that too... :/