Subscription Community Account


I was thinking: what if the people that couldn't afford or just weren't allowed to have the subscribtion? There could be an account with the subscibtion that was for everyone to use. @Liza


I don't thank that would be fair because the point if the subscription is that THT gets money from people subscribe

and it wouldn't be fair to people's who are paying money that people are getting it for free, good idea tho! But I disagree!


That isn't a very good idea, in my opinion. People could chat, things would get crazy, and probably lag a lot.

If you don't have the subscription, so what? I don't have it! It just gives us a challenge, we just need to step up out game! :smile:


I agree! People without the subscription are probably going to be more creative with their ideas. With pictures, you can't be as creative, you can just copy things from online!


Agreed with what they all said...

People have to learn to depend on theirselves..

After all, to my opinion, things look better if they are made from scratch rather than being "copy-and-paste"


This isn't such a good idea for e few reasons
1. Hopscotch will make less money and they won't be able to keep the app up.
2. Fights password changes and many more things will most likely happen.
3. People without subscription will be more creative since they can't just upload a pic of what they want.


I think it's awesome!

But, it's not fair that some people have to pay and some people who can't get it free, and the point of the subscription is to make money :D if if we make this then they won't be making hardly anything ;-;


It's 1 account for everybody.


Please, stop posting about how it's a bad idea. @AcuteAlpaca probably gets it. This could start flame wars! :0


Thank you @AwesomeNachos!! I was feeling like this :flushed::cry: even though they're just opinions. You really are awesome!!


I personally think dat it's a gude idea