Subscription Cancellation — Bug?

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I think I found a bug through Packerfan Studios’ projects, as I had never bought the subscription myself
He had published a project saying his subscription lasted until the end of the month when cancelling it, but his latest images in projects did not upload to the server

My reply and his notice:

Look at the thumbnail and play + edit the project of this one: the image is not there

@pomtl @awesomeonion @Ana
I thought that was odd, it might not even be a bug, but it sure seemed like one


If you never bought the subscription, how did you set your current Hopscotch profile image?


It doesn’t look like a bug, more like the subscription ended right as he canceled it rather than ending at the end of the month


In an older version of the app, the avatars used to be characters

In which case the images should not be let into the editor.
It was either the bug that it was not uploaded to server or that it still let him place images in the editor


You don’t need a subscription to be able to use images in the editor


Yes you do.

That was a recent change.

I don’t know why you still need to subscribe to upload them if using them is no longer free though.


I think it was just a misunderstanding with Packerfan Studios.

Take a look:


Which is my original argument, because if you click the link to “last image” by packer fan, you will see that the image was not synced to the server