So, the new update. The update includes images, customization to your avatars, creating your own characters-

And it all requires a subscription. I was bored of Hopscotch, and this got me SOOOOOO excited, then to see it cost money, just makes me want to quit. I had been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this update, and now I just want to cry. Why did this have to cost money hopscotch?! WHY?!


They really need a income :s


I know, but even the $10 a month is kinda crazy


I would wait until there are more features in it before I would buy it :s


I would get it even now, but my parents won't let me get it


Wisdom. Minerva approves


My opinion on this is mixed. I think they do need money, but to charge 10 bucks a month?? That's a little overpriced. Even my dad says that and he is an accountant!! I wouldn't mind paying, just not that much.


My thoughts are along those lines


Still, Liza said it wasn't definite so maybe it'll lower


They need a steady income so they can run the hospcotch app!
Without the money hospcotch will have to be shut down ;-;



Conditional tense :stuck_out_tongue: :nerd:

Hopefully it won't


I just thought of a check once if block xD
I didn't say it would be shut down, or that I want it to.

I love hospcotch! :D


Don't worry and don't quit! THT is doing this so the app can be advanced. Also, who knows, they may add images into future updates for the free version! :slight_smile:


Since there's a 20% off launch sale, it's $7.99 a month and $79.99 for a year right now.


Well, they do need money. I think this is the best way of income so that Hopscotchers won't leave. I think this is a silly reason to leave Hopscotch.

Hopscotch had gotten $2 Million from investors and they have families to take care of etc.

You will still get everything that you used to have before.



hopefully it will lower to something like $3 - $5. IDK


Yeah same right now. I will just use alternatives right now.

Just pictures is pricey,