Subscribe for the regular



If you want regular. Come over here and talk hopscotch realated. Post posts with links to topics people can check out so you and they can veiw topics and posts and get to regular!


Can you explain it a bit more? :smile:


@Dude73 I'm so hungry for regular :D




HS related remember lets GBOT


He means that if you want regular you can come here and talk about hopscotch and link topics so people can get closer to the regular requirements.
And by subscribe I assume they mean put the topic on watching.


Yes, that is correct. Thank you


Sorry for bothering. I know there's a topic on this. But how long do I have?


@Kiwicute2016 could you answer that?


Please keep it hopscotch related
about hopscotch related


Ok, guys I want to help get you to regular