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Ok. The categories for my videos are Music (1x), Educational (1x), and Entertainment/Gaming (all other videos).


as referenced by this guidelines post - yep! @FRENCH_WAVE123 is right.
if it helps, I like to think of it as a funnel.

  • videos that are okay to link on the forum are strictly hopscotch related.
  • getting a little broader, videos that are okay to have on your channel (the one you link to the forum) can be anything education that follows our community guidelines and doesn’t reveal any personal information.
  • videos with personal information or that aren’t for educational purposes should be on a different channel (where someone couldn’t find them from a link to a hopscotch video) - this is why we recommend having two channels if you’re interested in making hopscotch videos!

I tried to make a second channel and this popped up:


Did you use a different email?



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You don’t need to.

@Heracc direct link: channel switcher then click “create a new channel”

*May not work on school accounts since many already disable YT channels altogether.


Darn. I’ve got a school acc

I know other people have talked about video ideas but I have a suggestion, as well. In my opinion, the Hopscotch Team should make a tutorial on how to make a survival game. They should do Animals A.I, Hunger, How to get resources and create a house, and get weapons to fight enemies! Ok, I honestly think that a lot of people are probably gonna disagree or something. I just decided to do this 1. Because I can and 2. I honestly think it would go bad if I did it.

What do y’all think?
  • Yes I think that good idea
  • No idea bad
  • Accidentally vote oh no Aaahhh!

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let’s make sure our videos don’t contain any personal information!

let’s be sure not to share any channels that have other videos with private information!
if you don’t have another - perhaps make one just for hopscotch?