Submit a Pet for Pet Care Sim’s newest update! (Comp)

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yo @anon68560021 wanna close the pool :swimming_man:?


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Done! Thank you :slight_smile:

Judges are @temm, @heracc, @FearlessPhoenix, @anon82626866, @jay and @ren!


Woah, cool drawing! Just remember:

I’ll poke you to the Drawing with Hopscotch topic where you can learn more about creating a portfolio


Cool, I’m excited!


What rarity do you want it to be? Mythical? If not Legendary
What series do you want it to be in? Winter


Bee: (sketch not full colour like you said)

Spider: (sketch not full colour like you said)

kitsune: (sketch not full colour like you said)

Can someone link the drawing topic? Also bye I have to go to school


There is no mythical rarity :joy: legendary it is!



Skye the Space Dog
Rare or legendary
Probably Winter Ig?


This looks interesting! I’ll try to participate.

Just to clarify—this means that I should submit a concept sketch before I submit a full color drawing?

I figured out the answer for myself, so don’t worry about that post.

I’ve submitted a lil concept sketch for this on the DHT:

Don’t mind the shadow in the corner—that’s just my iPad haha.

@anon68560021 (almost forgot to tag you haha)

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Oops! Sorry, must’ve missed the question!

Thank you, lemme go look

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I’m sorry! I missed the first deadline I seriously thought it was today anyway here’s my entry even if it doesn’t get in I made it so…

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Here it is


@temm, @heracc, @FearlessPhoenix, @anon82626866, @jay and @ren, i totally forgot but it is time for judging!

Please select your top 3 favorite drawings from this round (Tero’s included p)
Rate them from 1-10 and tag me & the artist with a bit of CC and your rating

The top 5 pets will move on to the next round!


My top three:

@Cutelittlekittycat’s Kitsune!
Rating: 7
CC: I really love this pet! The expression is so adorable and it looks really cute + mischievous at the same time. I did notice a few things - I think the kitsune’s head was a little tilted, which made it look lopsided. I also noticed the eyes weren’t quite on the same line, also adding to the lopsided look - and the body looked a bit squareish… maybe for the next round, use a reference if you can find one and see if you can get the body to look a little more natural and a bit less like a square.
Other comments: I really loved this design! I’d originally intended to add a kitsune/ninetails, but cut it because of a miscount during coding. I’d absolutely love to add it again!

@TrueHarryPotterLover’s Skye the Space Dog!
Rating: 8
CC: Okay, wow, this is so cute! Even with your first sketch it’s very easy to tell what the pet is, and the paws are really adorable haha
There isn’t really much I’d change about this! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Other Comments: n/a

@DaughterOfHecate’s Dragon!
Rating: 7
CC: TEROOOOOO YIIISSSSS DRAGON okay but no wow sis this is so cute! I do have a bit of cc for you here though: for your next sketch, I felt like the neck was a bit thick? Maybe thin that out a bit… and for the wings, give the outer bones (the ones that the membrane stretches with) a bit more thickness, and curve them in a bit. Other then that, I think it looks good!
Other comments: n/a


Yeah… I rushed it but I’ll be able to fix it, next deadline so I don’t forget again?

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the 16th c:

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