Submit a Pet for Pet Care Sim’s newest update! (Comp)

This event/competition/challenge is started by me (@Andpi) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the latest #competitions-and-events or #shops-and-requests topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Welcome, ladies and gents!

Want to get your pets in a Seed Dev Game?

Well step right up!

I sound like a carnival game person don’t I


I’m planning a new update for Pet Care Simulator, and I had an idea that I couldn’t stop thinking about, so I decided to run with it.

1 - The Update

First, a small section about the update itself.

The update (V0.6 - The Bronze Winter Update) will be released sometime in late December or early January most likely
This update introduces three fun new features:

1 - Pet Series

Pet Series is a new way of categorizing pets, beyond rarity.

As you know, there are currently four rarities: Free, Common, Rare and Legendary.

I also have five new Series planned:

But to introduce series, I’d like to add a few new pets! Hence this competition.

2 - Pet Cards

Pet cards will be a completely new feature. Pet cards allow you to see all the pets you have unlocked, while showing how many you haven’t at the same time. If you’ve unlocked a pet, you’ll be able to view it’s card. Cards will show the pet’s image, the pet’s ID, and a small description.

Pet cards are also part of the reason I’m starting this competition

3 - Seasonal and Special Shops

Seasonal and Special shops are only available for about a week at a time. Special shops often surround special events, such as my anniversary, the anniversary of the Seed Dev Program, and a few other secret events :shushing_face:

Seasonal events are available for the first week of their respective seasons.

Each shop will also have an option to buy seasonal Avatars for your User Profile!

2 - The Competition

Now for the real reason everyone’s here.

The competition!

How it Works:

  1. To join, sketch (this is important! Don’t fully color your art yet, just a concept sketch) a pet you want to turn in. You can turn in a real pet, like a hamster or a goldfish, or a mythical/fantastical one! (It just can’t be one included in the original series)

  2. Post your art in your monthly portfolio for November/December (depending on when you turn it in)

  3. Link your portfolio here and tag me (@Andpi) with the following information:
    A. Your Pet’s Name
    B. Proposed Rarity
    C. Proposed Series

  4. When the first deadline (2021-12-02T06:00:00Z) arrives, the judges and I will select a few pets from each series/rarity to move on to the next round.

  5. Each judge will offer CC or suggestions for the selected Hop’s pets and give them a number rating from 1-10

  6. The artists will go back and redraw their pets, (sketches again) and submit them in the same way as the first round. (Pets must be submitted before the second deadline, 2021-12-16T06:00:00Z)

  7. The judges and I will once again view the pets and select the pets that will make it into PCS and give them a number rating from 1-10

  8. The prizes will be awarded, and the concepts will be forwarded to an official artist, or, in the event an official artist isn’t available, the artist themselves will sketch the final, official pet for Pet Care Sim

  9. I’ll add the pets in in the update!

  10. Feel free to throw in a concept for Pet Cards! I’ll be coding these as shape art but I’d like some concepts/ideas and if I choose yours I’ll double the prizes you get from whatever your placement at the end of the comp!

3 - Prizes

First Place :1st_place_medal:
50 Seeds (From Andpi)
50 Spamlikes (From Andpi)
Official shoutout in the Credits and About sections of Pet Care Sim
(Of course your pet(s) will be added)
Free access to your pet(s) (basically just buy it and I’ll refund your seeds :woman_shrugging:)
First Place Community Competition Badge

Second Place :2nd_place_medal:
25 Seeds (From Andpi)
25 Spamlikes (From Andpi)
Official shoutout in the Credits and About sections of Pet Care Sim
(Of course your pet(s) will be added)
Free access to your pet(s)
Second Place Community Competition Badge

Third Place :3rd_place_medal:
10 Seeds (From Andpi)
10 Spamlikes (From Andpi)
Official Shoutout in the Credits and About sections of Pet Care Sim
(Of course your pet(s) will be added)
Free access to your pet(s)
Third Place Competition Badge

Other Selected Artists
5 Seeds (From Andpi)
Official Shoutout in the Credits and About sections of Pet Care Sim
(Of course your pet(s) will be added)
Free access to your pet(s)
Community Competition Participant Badge

1 Seed (from Andpi)
Community Competition Participant Badge

4 - Judging

  • Judge
  • No

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(I’ll close this quite soon)

5 - FAQ

Can I do anything to help?
Of course! Feel free to volunteer to give out prizes!
How are the placements decided?
Highest average number ratings. Basically I’ll take all the number ratings the judges gave each pet, add them up, and divide them by the number of judges. The average will be the final score and decide who gets what placement.
How many pets are you going to be adding?
Great question! I’m aiming for four for each series, but we’ll see how many submissions we get.
Can I submit more than one pet?

Random but related thing @ren or @tb23 how would y’all like to be official artists for Pet Care Sim? I love y’all’s art styles. You can say no :slight_smile:

Once the comp is over, can a mod give out badges please and thank you?


If this is confusing I am very sorry
I tried to proofread it but I might’ve missed something
So feel free to ask questions


Awesome idea. Definitely entering!



Or possibly Ren cause I love their art and def want that as the official art

If they both say no, then the original artists will draw the final pets


Yeah ren is good too


I’ve been summoned.

Ooh looks interesting… I may be too busy with my art schedule but if I can make time then I’ be glad to participate but we’ll see.

Yep! Ren is another great choice.

Am I considered an “official artist”? lol


Aight, that’s fine :slight_smile:


Well I do consider you one lol


I mean like official artist like you’re the official artist for pet care sim
If I need art
I go to you
Cause you’re my official artist
If that makes sense


I know :slight_smile: but they’re doing a lot for the original series so I decided I’d ask you as a backup


I’m totally participating!! Is there already a dragon?


There is not a dragon


I’m making a turtle


Alright I read through the whole post and I’ll be an Official Artist. Ren gets to choose which pets they want to make final versions of first though.


I made a baby turtle


Cool! A few questions:

What rarity do you want it to be?
What series do you want it to be in?


:00 yeah sure!


my submission
its a Smiling Potato @SmilingPotatoes
its name is Sabrina


its ultra rare/legendary/epic/highest tier btw


I have two official artists

I feel blessed haha

(Ren feel free to submit your own pets too if you want)