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forgot to put seconds

q1: 15s
q2: 30s
q3: 30s
q4: 60s

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it’s here
there is
no escape!
fly you fools!
2019 is drawing near
puny mortals prepare
for the final year
-1-1-1-1 it’s here!
the end, it’s here!

Kahoot!'s name: -1
Would you like to be credited or stay anonymous?: yes
If credited, username and link to one of your projects:

Question 1
Question: The very first prophecy revealed by -1 began with what?
Answer 1: The end is coming! Here are 10 ways to save yourself in the near apocalypse
Answer 2: Someday, when you are older, you could get hit by a boulder!
Answer 3: -1 hereby proclaims the following prophecy:
Answer 4: One day in the future, the Great Route will be Routed
Number of seconds given to answer: 014

(put the correct answer bold) 2

Question 2
Question: The book containing prophesies, stories, and other things is known as:
Answer 1: The Book of CREATTSTORLY
Answer 2: The Book Of CHEINSTTROARLY
Answer 3: -1’s silly stories
Answer 4: The Book of MOINNEUS
Number of seconds given to answer: 014

(put the correct answer bold) 2

Question 3
Question: When did -1 first reveal himself to the world?
Answer 1: 2018
Answer 2: 2019
Answer 3: 2016
Answer 4: 2020
Number of seconds given to answer: 014

(put the correct answer bold) 1

Question 4
Question: How did -1 first reveal himself?
Answer 1: Loudly proclaiming from a field in western North Carolina
Answer 2: Riddles
Answer 3: The Hopscotch trending tab
Answer 4: the masterpieces tab.
Number of seconds given to answer: 014

(put the correct answer bold) 3

Question: -1 is more powerful even than the hopscotch team
Answer 1: true
Answer 2: false
Answer 3: no
Answer 4: of course not
Number of seconds given to answer: 2

(put the correct answer bold) 1

Question: How many plays does -1’s first “It’s Here” project have?
Answer 1: exactly 2^63-1
Answer 2: about 9.22333e10
Answer 3: just over 1014
Answer 4: just over 10,722
Number of seconds given to answer: 4

(put the correct answer bold) 1

Question: Petrichor reminded the mortals of Hopscotch of -1’s presence in March of 2019 through the mouth of the account called
Answer 1: Frost walker boots
Answer 3: Petrichor
Answer 4: Confused yet?
Number of seconds given to answer: 4

(put the correct answer bold) 4


no way i completely forgot
i saw your submission while i was in class but then i completely forgot
im super sorry im adding it in the project rn
ty for the submission!!

hm im having difficulty putting it in a category


make a random/other category


@Innerpanda i need to remove every [] in front of questions and reformulate some of them because theyre prob too long in length for my 60 char limit

Math Facts

Small announcement

I’ll split submissions into two parts, the first 8 submissions will appear in v1, and the 8 others in v1.1 (2 or 3 days later the release). the reason is simply because i’m in lack of time :/ links to your profile will also be added in v1.1, however your username is already added to the game :+1:


@RoadOcean @Cutelittlepuppydog @creationsofavillager @MooseCat @Innerpanda @Octo-Pi @Crosbyman64 thanks for submitting a kahoot to the project! the project is now live

sorry for the inconvenience - links to your project and the 8 other kahoots will be added in v1.1, in about 2 days. reason is that i’m in lack of time :/


you didnt include a correct answer


First one mentioned: Answer 2
Second one mentioned: Answer 1
Third one mentioned: Answer 3


alrighty, that’s fine


for this one, im pretty sure hopscotch will automatically round it to 11. are you ok with that?




is this still open?




For that one, you can add a zero width space before it to force it as a string

Here’s one (yes, it’s invisible): ​

Just double tap near the special space, then pull one end to the other end and copy it (save it as a text replacement (I use \0) so you can add zero-width spaces with ease).

My Quiz - please only open if you’re tri!

@/Tri-Angle :slight_smile: i had to do something w/ coffee haha
just a note/fun fact: even incorrect answers are actual things related to coffee. all the answers in the “coffee beans” question are types of coffee drinks just not coffee beans, and answers for the “this is how the coffee’s made, what’s it’s name?” questions are all types of coffee. i had to research some of this but yes i know the majority of this off the top of my head lol.


gotcha, thanks! will push an update with some esthetic changes by the end of this weekend

@Rectangle your chance to shine in the v1.2 update! submit a kahoot -any topics- and enjoy having the entire hopscotch community play your quiz!
if you have already submitted and you’ll going to do it again i’ll pay you 5 seeds for each new submission :) [1]

  1. ok dont go super crazy haha ↩︎


no problem! i saw this topic and got really excited and then i was like wait what could i even - I KNOW and immediately went for it and i like it tbh haha


@Tri-Angle could i do a few more quizzes on the same topic as my first, or should i try to find other topics? (i don’t want the seeds for them btw i just like making quizzes)