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on “# of the correct answer”, please put 1 if 1 is the correct one, 2 if 2 is the correct one, etc - i can solve these math i just dont wanna accidentally put all answer 1 as correct answers lol

you can also delete the line and put the correct answer with bold

thank you both @RoadOcean and @Cutelittlepuppydog!!


Ohh, I thought it was how many correct answer are there,


ohhhh, thats what that was lol, i thought you just wanted it big haha


these should probably be put in folders


you’re right dangit im five minutes late-


Here you go!


unfortunately i dont think i’m going to do a separate checker if there are less than 4 shown answers, would you mind filling the empty spots? ofc i can do for ya if youre busy or lazy or whatever :))

tysm btw!!


Yes, you can fill it in


I filled in the thing :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you!! if possible, please put it in a folder :))


// your kahoot


here is a quiz that I made. (hint: easy=hard)


Kahoot!'s name: Very Easy Math quiz

Would you like to be credited or stay anonymous?: sure (credit)

If credited, username and link to one of your projects: Pandyy

Question 1

Question: [Very Hard] 2^2

Answer 1: 4

Answer 2: 5718645647827362782736367

Answer 3: 6

Answer 4: 2

Number of seconds given to answer (5<n<15):

(put the correct answer bold)

Question 2

Question: [Intermediate] A right rectangular pyramid was built with 5m each side. What is the volume of the pyramid?

Answer 1: 20.76m

Answer 2: ** 41.67m**

Answer 3: 51.67

Answer 4: 22.32m

Number of seconds given to answer (5<n<30):

(put the correct answer bold)

Question 3

Question: [Easy] Another pyramid was created 10 years later and was much bigger due to a discovery of new technology. The pyramid is 200m in height, 45m in width & 23.4m in length. What is the volume of the pyramid?

Answer 1: 93030m

Answer 2: 60200m

Answer 3: 7020m

Answer 4: ** 70200m**

Number of seconds given to answer (5<n<60):

(put the correct answer bold)

Question 4

Question: [Very Easy] A perfectly round circle was drawn with a radius of 50m. What is the area?

Answer 1: 7853.98m

Answer 2: 7853.99m

Answer 3: 5852.78

Answer 4: 7389.72

Number of seconds given to answer (5<n<60):

(put the correct answer bold)

Question 5

Question: [Insanely Easy] Tri-Angle drew a triangle (with 3 angles). The first side is 65cm in length, the 2nd side is 75cm in length and the last side is 33cm in length. Find the circumference.

Answer 1: 178

Answer 2: 173

Answer 3: 163

Answer 4: 121

Number of seconds given to answer (5<n<60):

(put the correct answer bold)

feel free to add more questions! but no less.

You should make it so it randomly sorts the questions and answers (if you can)


i need a link to one of your projects of your choice btw

also could you please put the number of second given to answer each questions please?

and q5, how can a triangle have a circumference-

other than these small details, tysm for filling the form!


i just saw that detail - are you sure you want your quiz’s name to be “RoadOcean”? something like “7th grade math quiz!” would be more descriptive


@Tri-Angle heres the lik i want you to use :))


i think i may be of assistance?


oh how I miss kahoot, I haven’t played it in over 4 years


I miss understand :woman_facepalming:
The kahoot name can be 6th Grade Math:)


thank you, but i dont need help :) im a decent music creator and i have a pretty awesome music reader template

okay! :+1:

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oh yeah I forgot since I refreshed the page and the whole draft didn’t save here

I had to search that up but triangles do have a circumference.

I guess it’s called a circumcircle. Then you get the circumference from that

didn’t get how 5<n<60 worked so here

q1: 15sec
q2: 30sec
q3: 45sec
q4: 60sec
q5: 75se

Also I think I did the math wrong for the last question, let me remake it

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but do you mean the smallest circle outside the triangle or the biggest circle inside the triangle? those are different things

basically the number of seconds should be more than 5 but less than 60

so i’ll put the q5 as 60 sec timer

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