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hi there!
so i was planning to do this alone but i’m not quite creative enough to come up with 5-10 unique characters lol so i need your help!

ok so i don’t want to reveal much, but basically, i need some named characters for the game with specific hobbies, interests, and occupations. fill out the form below if you’re interested in submitting please!!

summer activity they like to do/hobby:
a place they like to go for vacation (vague, ex. the beach or the mountains):
3-5 objects that hold significance/are special to them:
personality in 3 adjectives:
basic appearance:

make sure to make your submissions really really detailed (except for appearance idrc abt that), i’m looking for realistic characters with detailed hobbies & interests

i’d also prefer if the characters weren’t based upon yourself - obviously you can share some traits with them & hobbies but for example if the character’s name is your username i may not accept it.

also all characters should be human please with no supernatural powers.

thank you in advance to anyone who submits!! i will be accepting probably like 5-10 characters and the creators of all accepted characters will recieve 20 seeds each + credits in my game



Oh wow
I think I’ll join once I think of a character cuz all my existing characters are not human


haha you can just personify them and i’m sure it’ll be great


Lmk if you need anything else!


i love this character & will definitely use him (i’ll transfer the seeds soon :)) - one quick question, wdym by ‘fish scale necklace’? could you describe it?

edit: seeds transferred, reallllyyy hope i did it right hahaha


i hope this is at least a decent character :sweat_smile:


Thanks :D
Whoops, sorry for not describing it.
It’s a fish scale (possibly from a swordfish or some other larger fish) that he made a little hole through and strung on a string.
He wears it for good luck.
He either found the scale somewhere or got it from one of his catches, I don’t think it matters, but if it does then you can decide :)
Hope that’s enough detail for you, if not just lmk again!

Thanks for the seeds!
And good luck on your game! :D


I hope this was okay haha

Lmk if you need anything else and good luck on the project!


this was fun to fill out! good luck and thank you for the opportunity!


Lmk if u need anything else
Good luck!


y’all tysm i didnt think i was gonna get this many submissions :sob:

one thing i’m so sorry for forgetting - the significant objects should be tied to their hobbies/activities - not necessarily in a direct way, the more complicated the connection the better actually - you choose.

obviously for those who didn’t have them relate that’s on me

specific replies to people’s posts

sorry idk if the quoted quotes will notify you so i’m just gonna tag people @Bluvi @Brewer @WTSIO

is there any way you could alter this specific item to make it relate to her hobbies - for example, swimming? it doesn’t have to be direct in any way - like maybe her friend was on the swimming team, in fact the vaguer the connection the better. thank you for the submission!

hi, i’m so so sorry i love your character, but if it’s possible could you change these or in some way make them relate to venus’s hobbies, even vaguely? if not that’s totally fine, i completely forgot to mention it so i understand if you dont want to change your character now :sweat_smile:

tysm!! i love your character & she’s perfect for this, will transfer seeds soon

the magnifying glass is great & the robotic arm should be fine if you elaborate more please, idk what you mean by ‘from a car accident’, & for the dog necklace, do you mean a dog tag necklace like the image below or a literal necklace with a dog charm on it lol

thank y’all again, if i asked you to make changes in your character it is in no way because the character was bad, it’s just that since i didn’t describe the game it’s hard to make characters that fit the game since i barely told you what i was doing loll


i’ll fill this out later today


i’ll say that they both were on the swimming team together but since her friend moved away, she gave her an ocean themed bracelet because the only thing they have in common in terms of hobbies is swimming

sorry that might not make sense lol. gl with your project!


no thats great, tysm!! will transfer seeds now :))


Hey CLPD, I noticed my seed balance is at 80, it was at 30.
I know you gave me some seeds, but you were supposed to give me 20, did you give me more or did someone else?


i’m pretty sure i gave you 20, my seed count didnt go down further than that i think lol.


Ok, then I still have a mystery.
Thanks again for the seeds though!


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Good luck on ur game