SU topic for SU projects and ETC

Ok, so this may not seem HS related, but this is basically a topic for SU projects and poles and ETC.
Here's a SU RP:

Poll: who's your fav gem (non-fusion except for Garnet

  • Steven!!!! Duh!
  • Garnet
  • Pearl!
  • Amethyst! She's funny!
  • Definitely Peridot
  • Lapis/bob (LOL!)
  • YD! I like villains!
  • Jasper! She's tough


Tell me if forgot someone

V post SU projects in comments V

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Wait, what are gems?

You obviously don't watch SU. Here's a link:

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Okay, I will watch it in my free time.

You should! It's really good!

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