Stylishpoopemoji33’s Second GT!



It’s fine. It’s good, but not for everyone. What your favorite keepers book?


Whoa Twilight has competition


Hhhhh it’s gotta be flashback cuz Sophie and Fitz kiss


Are you surprised? Ok lol its my fav book but they’re all great


Ok. You like romance I’m guessing?


Well I like twilight romance lol I gtg eat cya!


I ate 1 hour ago.


Also, what’s the first twilight book? I might check it out from the library, because you like two of my other favorite books, so I must like twilight. Right?


Anyway it’s called twilight if you look at the public library site it’s an ebook and it’s there!


Is it there as a paper book? My parents don’t let me read ebooks before bed, becaus it keeps you up.


Yeah I think so? Not sure tho I just read it on my phone


Hey SPE33 im sorry for flagging you. But unfortunately some of the things in your posts were A. Showing a persons last name. And B. Insulting a person. Please try not to do these again and refer to the community guidelines for further reference


They showed a person’s last name?


A. Who’s last name? B. Who did I insult?


Do you know who I insulted, or who’s last name I shared?


@tankt2016 @TheDeliciousOrange? Also, BTW, lets not turn this one into a arguement. I don’t want to have this GT closed also.


@ThatEnglishMuffin I’ll see you at school. Can you read the posts above and tell me what you think?




Thanks. Got to go. See you at school?


Yep. (I was sick yesterday. See you there!)