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Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum and was wondering how it works? Thanks!

The official SPE33 Second GT! Welcome to da land of pure epicness!

Hello and welcome to forum! You can start of by typing @discobot start new user. That will teach you some of the basics.

Also, here’s a topic that you can read to help you.

If you need any further guidance or help, you can always tag me (or anyone else) by typing @Amulet_10

Anyways, have a great time on the forum! :blush:




Welcome to the forum! Ima send you an invite to a forum guide.
Ask me if you need any help!


Hello and welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask me if you ever need something or just want to talk. @tankt2016 invited you to a nice forum guide to get started with the forum. You can find the invite by tapping on your profile picture and looking for a notification with a hand pointing to the right from @tankt2016.


Oh No no no no no stylish ur on the forum???


(Arrggghhh coding nemesis) I beat him to featured Bwahahahahahaha


Yes @TheDeliciousOrange! I have joined the forum. Do you have a problem with that?


DONT U TAG ME!! I don’t like spamtaggerz


I kinda do…nothing personal but u seem to copy every good idea I have


For example when I showed him the HSB Rainbow BG on HS and he made like 6 projects that were almost exactly the same!



I did not copy you! Lots of other people have done that.


But I showed you that and you took the BG for urself using the code inside my project.


Plus I made a project quite similar, it’s also speckled and it was made a couple of days b4 urs


Hey everyone! I have a question. How do you put a link for a game into a post? Thanks!:smile:


I’m sorry I “stole your code”. Next time I will give you credit for the code.


The new profile pic suits u!


Click this, enter your birth year, then open in safari and copy the link and paste it in a topic


Thank you so much! That is very helpful.


@discobot fortune
Am I helpful?