Stye Eye Help? Pic & Info



Look @MagmaPOP and @Ihasfluffycupcakes and @Rawrbear and @Liza and anyone else who believes they have confidence to help me with my game in a collab. Or we could just have @MagmaPOP make the collab and we could help with some code and characters and @MagmaPOP could do most of the coding since I have no idea how to make these things. Anyways, give me hope of my surgery next Friday December 30, 2015 for my eyes. Here are my chalazia.


Oh my god! That's one horrible sty. I hope you were steaming it! I had a sty once, but I managed to make it disappear. They told me that I might had to get surgery, but I escaped it!

Anyways, best of luck, and hopscotch soon!


Urgh.. Don't worry, you aren't the only one, I used to have on too...


You are having surgery? Wow! Usually you can just steam it and it disappear! I have had 3. Each time they disappeared! Wish you luck!


I'm sorry! Those are really bad from what I've heard. I hope you get better! >_<


flagged. the reason why was mashed by a potato getting revenge


That's a lame reason to flag this sense that kinda what the topic is about.


You don't feel bad for a girl with sties?!


Mine burtsed! @kiwicute2015 while I was sleeping it went through my skin most of it bursted! I do steam it with a warn compress so today I wiped some of the goo off with gauze @comicvillestudios and @Memorablechicken thanks for the luck and everyone else for the luck, too. You guys are awesome! @Giraffeproductions thanks for explaining and you too @Rawrbear oh and @hopscotch_king that's really rude and that makes no sense by what you said "a mashed potatoe getting revenge." Anyways, I hope that if you guys want to, we can make a collab and work on stye games and heart surgery games so it will be like helping out the needy.! Now look at my eye, it's getting better by "a wish upon a eyelash."

But this is kinda getting old since I had it since mid August





I know it looks bad. It really does. I still have to go to the doctor even if it bursts


i dont like using 2020202 so... also only post hopscotch things


So you don't feel bad for me? Kids at school keep asking email what's wrong with my eye and they say it looks weird and they point to their eye to point out that I have something! Um... I'm not stupid, people! I know I have "something" in my eyelid!


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