Stumped on ideas for Club


Hello. I want to make a HF club. But I'm stumped on a idea, so I decided to hold a poll with all of the ideas I'm picking from. But I have one rule first though.

I will not take any suggestions or begs. No matter what you say, I definitely don't want to do an art club. You can suggest a very basic idea though.

Okay, onto the poll.

  • Writing Club
  • "Apartment Building"
  • Random Challenge Based Club (No art challenges. Sorry)
  • Advanced RP club (description on request)
  • None of these sound good
  • @DatKawaiiPillow should pick!


Votes are public.

I don't really feel like posting the OMTL right away, but if nobody seems to come, I will.


My favorite idea's the writing club, but the Random Challenges club sounds cool, too. :D


Ditto! :D