Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



I’ve only seen a topic like this by Tht themselves. I guess this isn’t as new as I thought.


Yeah I’ve seen some topics like this but not a topic for this


I’ve just seen multiple of these since coming on.


I was tagged so now I’m here




Aaaahhh cringe


A block recommendation is some extra music/sound blocks. Different sound blocks that control different things like volume etc.


I would looooooooove a piano


Someone on a different topic said something about a music update so I thought to post it here


I would love a repeat until so I don’t have to add conditions inside a repeat


Idk what I would do with a repeat until I haven’t coded in forever


I’m just saying that would be my strawberry jam


What about a random (blank) or (blank) or a (blank) and (blank)?


I would absolutely love to be able to do this


A save block that saves variable values for when the hopscotcher plays the project again!


Like cloud servers


I know this isn’t a coding block but I would love if Tht would add new shapes… like a trapezoid or a pentagon


Yeah. Basically. It would revolutionize coding.


It’s already on our competitors engine


That would make my games halfway more useful lol