Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



I think a comment system on projects would be nice,

And maybe the user can enable and disable them im their projects whenever.

And lastly you dont get notifs for commentd that way its harder for the kiddies to talk through there


I thought i could use the sound effects for percussions, but it turns out you cant shorten how long they sound for which personally, i just see as a wasted opportunity for drum sounds umu



I think the percussion and other sound effects should be similar to the notes. You can give them an amount of time (500 milliseconds) to make a smooth sequence

A great example is @Anonymous. They did the 20th Century Fox theme with the percussion, so it’s possible. It takes some skill to do it though


They need to add the whatever it’s called dubstep drum thing, sounds like maraca and snare kinda, idk how to describe it




And subsequently fixing the lag that makes the time intervals not so accurate, that way you can add more than one track without everything sounding off would be nice too.

However if theres already a way to fix that i would love to know how lol.



@Hopscotcher found a website that helps with the timing between notes. I’ll try to find it. There is some lag like you said, especially with older devices. This was a problem when I started, so I learned new techniques with timing.


Yeah, you can use “wait until” abilities to solve this though it is a bit tedious, but that is just frame lag.


For instruments, i think a piano and an analog synth would be like the least they could do in terms of adding stuff.

And a bass too, or just plain bass octaves.


Yes. Keep in mind, THT can only add a certain amount of stuff per update, so maybe this could be a long term kind of thing.

THT should do the same thing with the guitar too. Guitar, percussion and maybe the addition of bass should have note selection and timing.


Also I just thought of this, but what if every hs character made their own special sound effect akin to the animations they each have, itd be funny lol.


Yeah, and there could be parental settings to enable/disable comments for a user.
Maybe the user couldn’t type their own comments or something, and instead has choose from a list of non-inappropriate comments or something,


Ooh that’d be awesome!


Or maybe the parents would get an email of the comment the kid made (this applies to the majority of users since those are the ones that would have the parent emails)

So that way the kid cant hope to make innapropiate comments without the parents finding out themselves lol


I think you should be able to delete variables cuz sometimes I accidentally make one then realize I don’t need it. Also it gets super cluttered with the amount of variables in my projects.


Oh yeah. You can’t delete variables…


Yup super annoying. You can delete everything else. Once my friend pranked me by using a variable to deliver a message, I published it and didn’t know. That variable had irl stuff on it. It’s still on that project too.


You should unpublish that project.
If it’s on featured, though, it’ll stay on featured, even if it gets unpublished.


Eek… uhhh.


I think it may be better to unpublish and republish a project than leave it out there containing personal/irl info, but it is your choice. : )